What’s The Best AC Setting For Coolness And Energy Efficiency?

what should i set my air conditioner at

Are you just guessing when it comes to setting your air conditioner? Find out what the best temperature setting to place your air conditioner at is to maintain a cool and energy-saving home.

10 Easy Ways You Can Reduce Your Indoor Humidity

Mom and child playing jenga.

“It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity.” This cliché sums up a major problem with high humidity: excessive moisture in the air makes you feel hotter than hot. You’re sticky, sweaty, and all-around miserable. When there’s high humidity inside, it’s even worse. High indoor humidity is super-uncomfortable because there’s no escape. Beyond simple discomfort, excessive

Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Out Warm Air?

AC Blowing Warm Air

No one wants to find their AC warming their home instead of cooling, especially on a hot summer day. Learn about the reasons why your air conditioner is blowing warm air and how to fix it.

How Long Does Freon Last In AC?

How Long Does Freon Last In AC

Low refrigerant can be the cause for many of your air conditioner issues. Learn about how long freon lasts in an air conditioner and how to tell if your refrigerant is low.

What Is Home Air Filtration? A Buyer’s Guide

Air Filtration Buyer's Guide

Clean air is essential to maintaining a healthy home. So, how does air filtration do that? Learn about how air filtration works and if buying one is right for your home.

When Is It Time To Replace My Air Conditioner?

Couple Decide If It's Time For A New Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner’s condition isn’t something you’re thinking too much about until it breaks. Find out when the best time is to replace your air conditioner.

How Will The R22 Phase Out Affect You?

Technician Working on a Furnace Tune Up

By January 1, 2020, it’ll be illegal to own any heating and cooling products containing R22. Find out about the R22 phase-out and what you need to do about it?

10 Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

Everyone wants to know they’re living in a house that’s safe and healthy. One way to keep your home’s air healthy is by installing an air conditioner. There are many health benefits to air conditioning that you may not know about.  1. Reduce High Humidity The most important health benefit of air conditioning is reducing

Air Conditioner Fun Facts

fun ac facts

We think of air conditioners as a tool to keep us cool. But did you know that they also started summer blockbusters? We created a list of air conditioner fun facts that will blow you away.