Nest Thermostats

The Future of Smart Comfort and Savings

For easy and professional set-up, have the friendly experts at Dr HVAC install your Nest Thermostat. We’re Nest Pros — which means we’re trained and certified as skilled Nest Thermostat installers.

You can relax, knowing your smart thermostat will function as you wish, both now and in the future. Our professional Nest installation offers you peace of mind.

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I was very happy with the service and quality work. Was able to find and fix a leaky gas line that other contractors could not. Was very professional on time and well priced. Would recommend to anyone in a heart beat. Thank you.

Tyler Evans

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Nest Thermostats

A Nest Thermostat is an excellent investment in home performance technology. One of today’s most popular smart thermostats, adding a Nest will simplify energy savings on your heating and cooling.

Nest Thermostat E

Nest is one of the biggest names in smart thermostats for good reason. A Nest Thermostat E lets you control your home temperature easily, from anywhere. It even turns down the temperature while you are away.

As a result, you’ll slash your energy use — as much as 10-12 percent for heating and 15 percent for air conditioning! That adds up to big savings on your utility bills.

Even better, your Nest Thermostat keeps your house cozy. Simple to schedule and to adjust, Nest fine-tunes your home comfort.

Nest Thermostat E: Compatible with 85 percent of 24-V systems, including zoned systems. May require a C-wire.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat offers the same great energy savings as a standard Nest, yet is even easier to operate. This smart thermostat “learns” your household habits to optimize HVAC efficiency.

Using sensors and your mobile phone, it will build a personalized heating and cooling schedule that suits your routine beautifully. (Or, if you prefer, you can manually program the Nest in the Google Home app.)

Enjoy the best of both worlds — combine effortless home comfort and minimal wasted energy using your new Nest Learning Thermostat.

Nest Learning Thermostat: Compatible with 95 percent of 24-V systems. No C-wire necessary.

Nest Temperature Sensor

Homes in Brampton tend to be quirky; their temperature often varies from room to room. Stop constantly adjusting thermostat settings to balance these hot and cold areas. Install the wireless Nest Temperature Sensor instead.

Low energy Bluetooth-powered sensors (in one room or several) will help your Nest Thermostat ensure the temperature is at exactly the level you want throughout the day and night. A single smart thermostat can support as many as six Nest Temperature Sensors.

Nest Temperature Sensor: It may be wall-mounted or positioned on a shelf. Compatible with the Nest Thermostat E and the Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd generation).

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