Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Out Warm Air?

AC Blowing Warm Air

Recipe for frustration: It’s a stifling hot day here in Brampton, and you desperately crave relief. You know your air conditioner’s on; you can hear it blowing. The problem is that the AC system is blowing hot air, not the blissfully cool breeze you expected.

So what’s wrong? Why is your air conditioning blowing warm air? Better yet, what can you do about it?

Troubleshoot your air conditioner problem with the list below, and get your home back to a comfortable, healthy temperature – fast!

1. Check Your Thermostat

Let’s start at the beginning. Have you checked your thermostat setting? Even if you know you left it at your desired temperature, there’s always a possibility someone else has “helpfully” adjusted it to a warmer temp in the meantime. 

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Make sure that it’s set to Cool or Auto, as well – not just On (which will cause the AC fan to stop spinning and run all the time). Even worse, the control could somehow have been switched to Heat. Agghh! Fortunately, this is a simple problem you can take care of yourself.

2. Look for a Dirty Air Filter

Another basic step is to look at the HVAC system’s air filter. This filter has the important job of protecting delicate components against dust and dirt. When it gets too full, though, all that dirt will block the airflow to your air conditioner. 

Ideally, you should inspect your air filter once a month at least, and change it whenever you see that it is clogged. (How to check for clogs? Hold the used filter up to a light. If you can’t see the light through the filter, it’s equally painful for air to get through it.)

3. Dirty Condenser Coil

 When you neglect to change or clean your air filter regularly, it can often lead to a related issue – a dirty condenser coil. Similar to a clogged filter, a dirty coil will block the flow of cooled air and wreak havoc with your air conditioner. 

Normally, you should maintain your AC to help avoid problems. However, if you’ve let the situation slide, the best solution is a professional cleaning and air conditioner repair.

4. Check Circuit Breaker 

An AC blowing warm air shows you that your indoor air handler unit is on, and the power supply is functional. So far, so good. But what about the outdoor unit — the condenser? If its power has gone out, the system won’t cool the air it blows out. 

Take a look at the circuit breaker, which controls the condenser unit, and reset it if it has tripped. If the breaker trips continually, you might have a dangerous electrical problem, which needs repair by a licensed electrician or HVAC pro.

5. Low Refrigerant

Maybe your AC is blowing hot air because the supply of refrigerant (like R22) is lower than it should be. Since Freon and other refrigerants don’t just get used up, what this means is that you’ve got a refrigerant leak somewhere in your system, due to cracking or similar damage. 

These tiny leaks are not easy to find or to fix. However, here’s some good news: our AC technicians are skilled at tracking down leaks and expertly repairing them.

Prompt Reliable Service Will Get Your AC Working Again!

Are you suffering from an air conditioner blowing hot air in the Brampton area? Let’s get your AC cooling your home once again.

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