Premie Air Scrubber

Stop Viruses Entering Your Home with the Premie Air Scrubber – 100% Safe

Air pollution is everywhere, and nothing is stopping it from entering your home. The Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor environments can be up to 100 times as polluted as outdoor air. Whether you’re dealing with mould, dust mites or viruses, you need to shield your home from environmental dangers. We introduce you to the multifaceted Premie Air Scrubber.

The Premie Air Scrubber is the future of air cleaners. This advanced scrubber is designed to be installed right into your HVAC system (air conditioner, furnace or fan). The Air Scrubber eliminates these harmful contaminants:

  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Gases and vapours
  • VOCs
  • Flu viruses
  • E-Coli
  • Black mould
  • Toxic odours

Watch the Premie Air Scrubber in action:

Premie Air Scrubber
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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I was very happy with the service and quality work. Was able to find and fix a leaky gas line that other contractors could not. Was very professional on time and well priced. Would recommend to anyone in a heart beat. Thank you.

Tyler Evans

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Premie Air Scrubber Benefits

  1. Active Air Cleaning. The Air Scrubber cleans the air of dust mites and microscopic organisms that are directly linked to asthma and allergies. It also reduces the chance of black mould, E-Coli, MRSA, strep and flu viruses from entering your home.
  2. Surface Contaminant Reduction. The air scrubber also treats home surfaces, like countertops, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and door handles.
  3. Odor Control and Removal. The Air Scrubber is very effective against the strongest odours like cooking odours, pets, smoke, sport smells and much more.
  4. Airborne Particulate Control.All airborne contaminants pass through the strong UV germicidal light found in the Air Scrubber. This interaction scrambles the DNA of the contaminant, killing off any potential pollutants.
  5. Eliminates VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)can cause breathing problems, headaches and irritation of the eyes and nose. VOCs are linked to many sources within the home, including paint, air fresheners, cleaning products, and vehicle exhaust.
  6. Proven Environmental Solutions. The Air Scrubber technology transforms airborne contaminants into oxidizers, which are dispensed throughout your indoor environment. This process helps eliminate pathogens within the home.
  7. Smoke Remediation / Elimination. This air cleaner eliminates the strong odour of smoking as well as releases altered particles to attack and destroy smoke contaminants.
  8. Safe for People and Pets. People need to trust what they’re installing in their homes. The technology is 100% safe and trusted by hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and daycares.

3-Step Process

Step 1

Every time you turn on your air conditioner, furnace or fan, air flows through your HVAC system and passes through the titanium dioxide-coated honeycomb matrix.

Step 2

Found within the honeycomb matrix is a UV germicidal light. This UV light disrupts contaminants from passing through your HVAC system by modifying the DNA of the pollutant and ultimately destroying it.

Step 3

As the harmful pathogens are removed, the Premie Air Scrubber sends out powerful oxidizers that clean the air and home surfaces. These oxidizers are effective against gases, mould, VOCs, and strong odours.

Is Premie Air Scrubber Right For Your Home?

To learn more about the Premie Air Scrubber or other air cleaners or air purifierscontact us today and one of our technicians and we’ll walk you through which system is right for you.