Reliable heating performance

Goodman is a highly trusted household name in home heating and cooling. Since the company was established in 1982, they have kept the design and manufacture of their quality HVAC systems right in the United States.

When you purchase a Goodman gas furnace, choose the energy efficiency standard that will be right for you. Their AFUE ratings span a wide range, from 80 percent to 90 percent plus, but whichever one you decide on, Goodman offers all-star heating performance.

Goodman Furnaces

Goodman gas furnaces provide high-quality heating at a range of energy efficiencies. Several sample units appear below. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your best options and any promotions in progress.

Guaranteed Performance

Dr HVAC will ensure you get the right size furnace for your home, and that it is installed correctly.

We will ensure that the furnace will perform as well as expected, or we will fix it for free.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed