Best Air Conditioners In Canada

Now that we’re in the scorching summer months, Canadians seek reliable and efficient central air conditioning system installation to beat the heat and stay comfortable indoors. With an array of air conditioner brands in the market, finding the best air conditioner can be a daunting task.  Are you looking for a new air conditioner system?

HVAC Inspection Checklist: Complete Guide

Homeowners greeting technician in their home

Whether you’re a homeowner doing HVAC preventative maintenance, or a seller or buyer evaluating a house for the market, HVAC inspections are an important part of knowing if a home is in tip-top shape.  HVAC preventive maintenance can be daunting if you’re unsure of what to look for, so an HVAC inspection checklist is a

Why is My AC Fan Not Spinning?

Mature couple calling hvac technician because ac fan not spinning

As the summer heat intensifies, we Brampton residents lean on our air conditioning systems to provide us with much-needed relief and comfort. However, there are times when our air conditioning unit may fail to deliver the cool air we crave, leaving us sweltering in the heat.  One of the primary culprits for such a malfunction

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last in Canada?

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last

Air conditioners are essential for keeping homes cool and comfortable during hot summer months, even in a country with a shorter summer season like Canada. However, like any mechanical system, air conditioners have a limited lifespan.  Just how long do air conditioners last in Canada? Whether you have an existing system and are looking to

Buyer’s Guide To Buying A Central Air Conditioner

Our 2021 Buyer’s Guide To Buying A Central Air Conditioner For Your Home

This up-to-the-minute 2023 central air conditioner buyer’s guide contains all the AC facts you’re looking for. Learn what you need to keep your home cool.

Heat Pumps vs Air Conditioners

Family on laptop researching which cooling system is better - heat pumps or air conditioners

To battle those hot, humid Toronto summers, you might be looking for an HVAC system to help cool your home. Either an air source heat pump system or air conditioning system will do the job, as both systems use compressed refrigerant and move heat away from your living areas. Save for a few technicalities, installing

Buyer’s Guide To Whole-Home Air Filtration

Air Filtration Buyer's Guide

Clean air is essential to maintaining a healthy home. So, how does air filtration do that? Learn about how air filtration works and if buying one is right for your home.

11 Of The Most Common Central Air Conditioner Problems In 2023

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning = summertime bliss… as long as it’s working. Every now and then, air conditioner problems pop up. Read about 11 of the most common central air conditioner problems in 2022, plus step-by-step solutions.

9 Bad Air Conditioner Unit Smells & What To Do To Remove The Stench?

9 Bad Air Conditioner Unit Smells & What To Do To Remove The Stench?

What’s that horrible stench coming from the air conditioner? Just as important, how can you get rid of it? To find out, consult this list of 9 common bad smells from your air conditioning, with solutions for each one.

Should My Air Conditioner Run All the Time?


Should your air conditioner run all the time? Unless it’s a particularly hot day, your air conditioner should cycle on and off like normal. If it’s not, find out what could be causing the problem, and how to fix it.


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