GeneralAire Humidifiers

We rely on our furnaces every winter, but the price can be air that’s so dry it irritates our eyes, nose and throat. If you find that you have a sore throat all winter long that your doctor can’t explain, a whole-home humidifier may be the answer.

It can also help if your hair and skin are dry and chapped no matter how much you moisturize.

Dr HVAC carries a variety of GeneralAire humidifiers and can recommend one for your specific needs.

Advantages include:

  • Improve the moisture in your entire home with one humidifier – no need to have one on every floor.
  • Much quieter – the humidifier attaches right to your furnace.
  • More convenience – many models have no filters that need changing.

Talk to your friendly Dr HVAC representative will review the options with you and help you get the right solution for your home.

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Our GeneralAire Humidifiers

We need our furnaces to survive our freezing winters, but the result can be overly dry air. This causes shrinking and warping in wood floors and furniture (in fact, hardwood floor manufacturers often require you to buy humidifiers). Even worse, it can cause some people to get constant sore throats and be more vulnerable to colds and other infections.

A humidifier will maintain a perfect humidity level all winter long throughout your home.

We carry all models of GeneralAire humidifiers.

Elite Steam

The Elite Steam series is 90% efficient, and is the most convenient and effective way to humidify your home.

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Legacy Series

The Legacy series uses fan-powered, drum and flow through technologies for cost effective humidification.

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Elite Series

The Elite series uses bypass and flowthrough technolgies for more efficient whole-home humidification.

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If your home has dry, stale air Dr HVAC can help. You’ll find that we listen and provide recommendations targeted to solve your home’s problems. Our friendly, no-pressure approach keeps our customers coming back!