Complete Water Heater Services

There’s nothing like the convenience of hot water coming out of the tap whenever you need it. It’s a necessity for cleaning, but also one of life’s simple pleasures.

Your home’s water heating systems deserve the expert care that Dr HVAC can provide. We provide repairsnew water heater installations, water heater rental options and maintenance for efficient performance.

Fast, Friendly Service

We work with both the best tankless water heaters and hot water tanks in Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Milton, Oakville and Georgetown (here’s our service area map). We provide the total cost up front and our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our technicians are licensed professionals, and you’ll love our small-company friendly service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
DR HVAC BBB - Brampton, Georgetown, Hamilton

Woke up to a broken Water heater, Called Dr HVAC looking at the amazing reviews. They lived up to the expectations, within the hour Steve was here, promptly looked at the issue at hand and provided diagnosis. His demeanor was nice, kind and professional. For urgent requirement, Dr HVAC will be my go to in future.

Raman A.


Our Water Heater Services

Water Heater Repairs

We can fix any brand and model of hot water tank or tankless water heater, whether it’s in a home or a business.

Water Heater Installation

We install tanks and tankless models like Noritz, and can help you choose the right model for your home and your budget. We also install combi boilers that can heat your home as well as your water.

Water Heater Maintenance

Regular tune ups help your water heater work more efficiently and last longer. They also help ensure the reliability of older models so there’s less chance of surprise breakdowns.

Dr HVAC is accredited by these independent organizations.

At Dr HVAC, we are committed to providing you with the best possible home heating experience.

Our Water Heater Brands

Chosen with care, installed with care. Learn why you’ll get better results with Dr HVAC as your contractor

John Wood Hot Water Tanks

A great selection of water heater types – and many models are EnergyStar rated too. Find out more about our John Wood hot water tank options.

Navien Tankless

As efficient as it gets, and incredibly reliable too. Learn more about our Navien tankless water heaters

Noritz Tankless

A trusted tankless brand that offers hot water on demand! Learn more about our Noritz tankless water heaters

Considering a New Water Heater?

Hot water tanks cost less, but modern tankless water heaters offer much more convenience and energy efficiency.

Imagine endless hot water, no matter how many people are showering. With our tankless water heater systems, you’ll never have a cold shower again! They’re also much more efficient, so you spend less on natural gas every month.

Endless Hot Water means no more cold showers!

Space Saving Installation – takes up to 88% less space!

Utility and Energy Savings – save 30-50% on your monthly water heating bill!

Longevity – will last 2X as long…or longer than tank water heaters!

Save Mother Earth – only uses energy when it’s needed!

6 Year warranty with option to extend to 10 years