Why is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?


Summer is upon us once again. Even though summer brings plenty of splendor, the heat can be a huge buzz kill when your air conditioner is on the fritz. How can you enjoy yourself when you feel like you’re melting on your couch?

If your air conditioner looks like it just returned from an expedition to the Arctic tundra, your air conditioner is freezing up – and that’s a problem.

So, why is my air conditioner freezing up?

Reasons for a Frozen Air Conditioner

1.Clogged Air Filter

One symptom that causes a majority of air conditioning issues is a dirty air filter. When your air filter isn’t cleaned monthly, dust and dirt can build up and obstruct proper air flow.

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In turn, this causes your refrigerant to over-cool and freeze any condensation located on your air conditioner. It can also cause your air conditioner to blow out warm air.

The Cure:

Inspect your air filters monthly. If you see dirt beginning to form, give it a clean. We recommend to clean or replace your filters every 3 months. If the filter looks unrecognizable, the best option is to replace your air filter. This is just one of many ways to save money on your A/C bills.

2. Low Refrigerant

Another symptom is low refrigerant levels. This can be one of the key causes for your air conditioner freezing up.

This culprit can be at the center of many issues you’re experiencing with your AC unit. In regards to freezing, a low level of refrigerant will cause the evaporator coils to freeze over.

Your refrigerant can run low when you have a leak, caused by holes or cracks in your coils.

The Cure:

If you do suspect a leak, turn off your air conditioner right away and Contact an HVAC Professional.

3. Drainage Issues

The main drainage issues are:

  • Dirt causing a blockage
  • The drain line and pipe are loose.

When it comes to a blockage, the water can be disrupted by dirt buildup and can eventually cause the air conditioner to freeze up.

When your drainage pipes are loose, the water will begin to leak all around the air conditioning system and later freeze over if the leak isn’t cleaned.

The Cure:

During humid days, check on your drainage pipes. Be sure you see water traveling through the drainage system.

If you’re experiencing a clogged drainage pipe, contact us to make an assessment.

4. Thermostat Levels

Blasting your AC can be an easy way to turn your air conditioner into an ice cube.

By frequently placing your thermostat at a low temperature, you’re producing a higher risk of freezing your coils.

The Cure:

Try to avoid overusing or running your air conditioner overnight. Only place your thermostat at low levels during heat waves or overly humid days.

At the end of the day, the more you use your air conditioner, the more likely you’ll run into problems in the future. One of those problems can be your air conditioner freezing up.

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5. Fan Malfunction

A faulty AC fan is another issue that can result in a frozen air conditioner.

Good indicators for a fan malfunction is if you’re fan isn’t moving, propelling slower than usual or generating rattling noises.

Whether the fan has been damaged from overuse or wasn’t properly installed, when it’s not working properly,  condensation will build up over time.

The overage of condensation can build up on your AC coils and result in them freezing.

The Cure:

If the fan is damaged or simply not working, that’s a job for us.

Take Action

Whether it’s an easy fix or a more serious issue, a frozen air conditioner can put a huge dent in your cool, refreshing summer.

The best way to get to the bottom of your air conditioner issue is by contacting Dr HVAC to book a service appointment.

We provide an effortless booking process which can be completed online. Then, we call to confirm your appointment and you’re all set.



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