Triangle Tube Boilers

Combi Boilers For Convenience And Savings

Triangle Tube has been a major innovator in the boiler industry for over 70 years. Today, their combi condensing boilers combine space heating and DHW (domestic hot water) in one space-saving appliance.

Select a wall mounted or a floor standing version — with MBH from 82-159 — to fit in with your home. Either way, you will be getting a highly energy efficient product, rated at 94% to 95% AFUE. That means a reduced carbon footprint and increased savings on operating costs.

A leader in boiler manufacture and supply since 1946, Triangle Tube was the first company to market the fire tube heat exchanger for residential use. Triangle Tube’s condensing combi boilers supply both home heating and domestic hot water needs, in a single convenient package.

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Our Triangle Tube Boilers

Triangle Tube boilers comprise a full range of efficiencies for your home heating needs. Some representative models appear below. To discuss current availability and promotions, please contact us.

Instinct Combi

State Of The Art. Triangle Tube describes their Instinct Combi as “the boiler of the future.” And this boiler certainly lives up to the description, combining 95% AFUE-rated space heating with 5+ GPM of hot water.

Certified by the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), the Instinct is a fully condensing boiler with convenient 60-second setup and an excellent turndown ratio of 8:1, backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Prestige Excellence

Heat And Hot Water To Meet Your Home Demand. The Prestige Excellence boiler meets your home’s moment-to-moment demand, modulating its firing rate to conserve fuel and reduce operating costs. It has earned a commendable 95% efficiency ranking. Have it customized to supply your requirements for heat and hot water.

You will appreciate its quiet functioning, as well as its outstanding 3-point warranty.

Challenger Combi

Small Size, Big Energy Efficiency. The Challenger Combi is up to the challenge; it serves your home heating and domestic hot water needs very effectively, but at the same time, it is compactly sized and space saving. You can even have this low maintenance, whisper-quiet boiler installed in a closet.

Technical specs include 94% efficient operation and modulation of nearly 4:1.

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