Please Note: We are currently booking Duct Cleaning appointments for late May 2020.

A professional duct cleaning can actually save you money and help provide a healthier home environment.

Why Get Your Home’s Ducts Cleaned?

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By removing the dust and debris from your ductwork, duct cleaning can:

  1. Help your furnace and central air conditioner work more efficiently and last longer.
  2. Reduce allergens and asthma triggering particles as well as viruses that cause illness.
  3. Reduce mould spores that can lead to problems.
  4. Reduce lingering odours.
  5. Discourage rodent and insect infestations.
  6. Improve airflow throughout your home.

A NADCA study found that homeowners experiences significant improvements after having ducts cleaned.

Dr HVAC’s professional technicians will give your ducts a thorough cleaning and will protect your home while we’re at it. We use floor saving booties while we’re in your home and use protective floor coverings where needed.


Why Choose Dr HVAC to Provide Your Duct Cleaning

Dr HVAC is accredited by these independent organizations.

Better Business Bureau - Accredited Business
Brampton Board of Trade
Authorized Trane Product Dealer
Member of Mississauga board of trade
TSSA Registered Contractor

Our Duct Cleaning Process

Here is what you get with every Dr HVAC duct cleaning:

  1. Your friendly technician greets you at your door on time, and answers any questions you may have.
  2. Any protective coverings needed are placed in your home and equipment is brought in.
  3. Removal of all register covers and initial inspection of ductwork.
  4. Thorough vacuum of all ducts, vents and registers.
  5. Thorough cleaning of furnace blower area (please note this is a cleaning, not a tune up or safety check. We can also provide a tune up as well).
  6. Disinfection spray of ducts with Benefact, a nice-smelling, safe and eco-friendly disinfectant that kills 99% of germs.

This cleaning process if more thorough than what you get with cheap providers that advertise door to door.

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How Often Should You Get Your Ducts Cleaned?

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Most HVAC professionals recommend a cleaning every 3-5 years on average. This will vary, however, depending on:

  1. Whether you have pets.
  2. How often you’re able to clean your home (we know life gets too hectic sometimes!).
  3. Whether you’ve had any recent renovations done.
  4. Whether any members of your family are prone to allergy or asthma attacks.
  5. The age of your home.