Meet Our Technicians: Bryan Malloch

At Dr. HVAC, we believe in providing the best customer service and the best results.

Our service technician Bryan Malloch spends every day working hard to provide exactly that to homeowners like you.

Bryan Believes in Getting People What They Need

Bryan enjoys making a difference in someone’s day. “I like getting people what they need, whether that’s helping with heating or cooling.”

His years of experience as a service technician make him exceptionally good at diagnosing and repairing heating and cooling systems. He’s helped a lot of people get warm (or cool) again when they needed it most – but one service visit in particular stands out.

“During a bad heatwave we got a call from a mom with a newborn child. Her air conditioner was broken, and other companies were telling her it would be days before someone could come out to fix it,” Bryan says.

We wanted to make sure that this new family didn’t spend an entire heatwave without AC. “I drove out on a Saturday to make the repair,” Bryan says. “I was able to fix it within an hour. She was so happy and grateful to have her air conditioning back, she actually gave me some apples for the road.”

Putting the Customers First 100% of the Time

Dr. HVAC is committed to putting customers first. So is Bryan.

“We’re customer focused,” he explains. “We do things other companies don’t.”

This includes 24 hour emergency service and an outreach system to make homeowners feel safe and comfortable with the company.

“Homeowners will actually get a confirmation of their appointment with a picture of one of us so they know what time we’ll be there and who to expect,” Bryan explains.

This gives homeowners a sense of security when it comes time to have Bryan or one of our other technicians in their home.

“We also are very respectful of the home and property,” Bryan says. “We make sure to be quiet, friendly, and clean. In fact, a lot of the time we leave the furnace area cleaner than when we arrive.”

Bryan Encourages Homeowners to Ask Him Questions

Bryan didn’t start in this industry as a service technician. “I started in customer service with an HVAC manufacturer. I became really interested in the industry, and started taking night school at Humber College,” he explains.

Now a fully licensed Gas Fitter since 2013, Bryan continues to develop his skills and knowledge. “At least once a week at Dr. HVAC we have training, and we participate in a lot of manufacturer training as well,” Bryan says.

This works perfectly for Bryan, who loves not only learning, but teaching. “I’m a nerd for my work,” he says. “I enjoy teaching it to homeowners who want to learn a bit about the important systems in their homes.”

In return, Bryan learns every time he goes to an appointment. “Every day is different. You get to learn about all kinds of people and all walks of life, which is great.”

Bryan encourages homeowners to come stand with him, talk to him, and ask questions – he’s more than happy to answer them.

What About Outside of Work?

Outside of work, Bryan can be most often found bowling, playing board games, working out, and watching movies.

Get to Know All of Us

We’re a close-knit family with years of experience, knowledge, and great stories. Visit our team page to meet each and every one of us.

Meet the Rest of the Team


Meet Our Home Comfort Specialist: Bruna Gomes

When you work with Dr. HVAC, you get the full-service treatment. That includes a special visit from our home comfort expert Bruna.

Bruna has been a part of the Dr. HVAC family for over 2 years, and has spent every day with us devoting herself to what she loves: customer service with a smile.

What is a Home Comfort Specialist?

“As a comfort specialist, I give everyone all the information they need to make their best educated decision about what new home system to get,” Bruna explains. “I walk them through some questions to identify their needs. Do they have allergies, do they have pets, are there hot and cold spots in their home? Their answers tell me what they need, rather than me assuming what they need.”

“So many people have told me that they’ve called a home comfort expert, and they’ve come in, written down a brand, unit number and price on a piece of paper and left. This doesn’t help anyone!” Bruna explains. “I make my recommendations based on their answers to my questions, which tell me what they need.”

Bruna’s in-depth questions are followed up with measurements of the home and a thorough inspection of everything connected to installing a new furnace, air conditioner, or other type of home system. She then gives a thorough presentation of a customer’s options.

“I don’t push anyone,” Bruna says. “I’m just there to give them as much information as possible and answer any questions they have. It’s a big decision, and I never want any customer to feel rushed to make a decision, or ill-informed about the decision itself.”

How She Became Our Home Comfort Guru

“My whole life has been customer service focused,” Bruna says. She’s worked with people since she was 15 years old, and always wanted a job where she could help others get the best service possible.

“When I joined Dr. HVAC, I wanted a happy, positive environment where customers were treated fairly and respectfully: not a place that was only in it to overcharge people and make a quick buck,” Bruna explained. “I knew about Dr. HVAC’s exceptional customer service reputation, so I applied for a job opportunity that was available.”

Bruna hit the ground running from day one. “When I first started, I was filling in for everything! Phones, accounting, you name it.” But it soon became clear that Bruna was happiest when helping the customers who called. “Brendon saw how much I liked helping customers on the phone. I was asking them questions and explaining the best options, and he said I should get out in the field.”

A Home Comfort Specialist Spends A Lot of Time Learning

To be a home comfort specialist requires a lot of training, and a commitment to learning. When Bruna first took the job, she traveled to Arizona for a week-long home comfort specialist training program. “It was an amazing experience and I learned so much. I’m actually going to another training program in Minnesota later in 2018,” Bruna says.

In between special training programs, Bruna spends a lot of her time keeping up with the latest industry news by reading articles and watching videos. That’s on top of the regular ongoing training at Dr. HVAC that everyone participates in.

“I’m always doing manufacturing training, Dr. HVAC training, and we’re always talking shop,” Bruna explains. “I love learning, and I’m always looking to soak up any new information that could help me help others.

Customers Appreciate Bruna’s Helpfulness

Bruna takes Dr. HVAC’s customer-first policy and applies it to her own job each and every day. “I think, ‘if I was on the other side, what would I want the representative to do? Be upfront and honest,” Bruna explains. And that’s exactly what she does.

“I really look at the situation and focus on what they need and what I can do for them,” she says. “My priority is the happiness of the client.”

Bruna is often met with some customers experiencing stress and frustration because of a broken furnace or air conditioner, overwhelmed with choices to make but no information to make them with. But when Bruna leaves, customers feel happy, relieved, and better informed about their replacement options. “I want there to be no surprises on installations, which is why I go into such depth with my presentation and questions,” Bruna explains.

“When you do that, and people are happy, they thank you so much,” Bruna explains. “One woman had a carbon monoxide leak in her home that another company missed. We caught it, removed her furnace, and I helped her get a new one. She was so grateful and thankful, she asked if she could hug me.”

It’s not uncommon for people to be so appreciative of Bruna’s help that they invite her to stay for dinner, or give her small tokens of thanks. People are even being referred to her.

“We build such a relationship,” Bruna says happily. “I’ve always lived in and around the Peel region area, and the people that I meet are awesome. They’re so welcoming, I feel like I’m at home. And I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of it.”

Meet More of the Dr. HVAC Family

Evelyn Administrative Manager

Meet Our Customer Support Team: Evelyn Lendvoy

Our customer support team is made up of people devoted to making DR.HVAC one of the best. That includes our administration manager, Evelyn Lendvoy.

Evelyn has been with us for a year and a half, and was familiar with Dr. HVAC before she took on the role of administration manager. “I knew some of the technicians in my personal life. They referred me to Dr. HVAC,” she said. She was called in for an interview, and as they say, the rest is history.

As the administrative manager, Evelyn has her hand in many pies. She answers the phones, orders equipment, and does many other important tasks on a daily basis.

She admitted that when she first started at Dr. HVAC, she wasn’t as confident about handling all these roles as she is now.

Her determination to perform to the best of her ability at all parts of her job pushed her to go back to school for accounting. Now she is balancing part-time schooling with her full-time job. “It’s made me better understand what I’m looking at,” she explained, adding that she was happy she made the decision to do it.

Accounting is not the only training Evelyn is undertaking. “Every week as a company we get together to discuss new technology, new practices,” she explained. She and the rest of the customer support team learn along with the technicians so that they all provide customers with the same information. This training includes reading educational material and watching webinars. Just recently, Evelyn watched a webinar on dehumidifiers in response to an increasing number of questions about this particular system. “I watched the webinar on dehumidifiers so I can communicate to the customers,” she said.

Communication with the customers is one of the things Evelyn loves most about working at Dr. HVAC. In fact, she loves communicating with everyone. “I love the rapport I have with the technicians and the customers.” These are people she talks to all the time. “I have regular customers I talk to often.”

For Evelyn, it’s about treating each person as exactly that; an individual person with whom to have multiple, personalized conversations. To her, that makes the experience. “It’s nice to be able to have positive conversations.”

“Customers are putting a lot of their trust and money into Dr. HVAC,” Evelyn said, adding that it is part of her job to build and respect that trust by providing all the valuable information they are going to need, including timelines and details on the work that will be taking place.

Respecting that trust is one of the ways Evelyn builds memorable relationships with her customers. “I have a commercial customer, I’ve been with him since day one,” Evelyn explained. “He calls me his Dr. HVAC girlfriend,” she laughed, adding that there was lots of joking and camaraderie between them. “We built a relationship.”

Evelyn knows why she loves Dr. HVAC, but she also knows why customers like the company. “I find a lot of people appreciate our honesty.” She explained that so many other companies aren’t upfront with their pricing, or try to oversell to customers once the technicians are in the home. Dr. HVAC doesn’t do any of that.

“We’re going to be honest with you,” Evelyn said. The message is clear and simple; Dr. HVAC gives realistic upfront prices, and never tries to sell services the customer doesn’t need.

“These people have families, are elderly, are on fixed incomes,” Evelyn explained, adding that their customers need someone to trust, to take their problems seriously and consider their individual circumstances. The people at Dr. HVAC respect that trust, especially when it comes to working in someone’s home.

Inviting someone into your home means that you have to have respectful relationship. “A lot of the customers love that technicians build a rapport right away,” she added. The technicians, some of Evelyn’s good friends, don’t try to force services or act surly. Instead, they explain what they are doing and educate their customers, extending the positive experience.

It helps with Evelyn’s job to have a workplace where respect is paramount at all levels. “I do what I can to make the customers feel comfortable.” Then the technicians take it from there.

The technicians will even fix little things for free if they notice something broken or out of place, something Evelyn believes sets Dr. HVAC apart.

“It reminded me of a story I heard when I worked in retail. The pickle story,” Evelyn said. There was a man who every day ordered at the same restaurant from the same waitress, and he always got a free pickle. When that waitress left and the man was served by a new waitress, she wanted to charge him for the pickle. It became such an issue that they lost the man as a customer. “Over a stupid pickle!” she exclaimed.

Dr. HVAC doesn’t charge for every single pickle. Instead, they demonstrate their value of the relationship by adding this personal touch of doing what they can for their customers.

We had to ask Evelyn one more question: is she happy she took the job? “It’s been fun and challenging. It’s always changing,” she said. “I love it. I love the relationships I build.”