Meet Our Technicians: Bryan Malloch


At Dr. HVAC, we believe in providing the best customer service and the best results.

Our service technician Bryan Malloch spends every day working hard to provide exactly that to homeowners like you.

Bryan Believes in Getting People What They Need

Bryan enjoys making a difference in someone’s day. “I like getting people what they need, whether that’s helping with heating or cooling.”

His years of experience as a service technician make him exceptionally good at diagnosing and repairing heating and cooling systems. He’s helped a lot of people get warm (or cool) again when they needed it most – but one service visit in particular stands out.

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“During a bad heatwave we got a call from a mom with a newborn child. Her air conditioner was broken, and other companies were telling her it would be days before someone could come out to fix it,” Bryan says.

We wanted to make sure that this new family didn’t spend an entire heatwave without AC. “I drove out on a Saturday to make the repair,” Bryan says. “I was able to fix it within an hour. She was so happy and grateful to have her air conditioning back, she actually gave me some apples for the road.”

Putting the Customers First 100% of the Time

Dr. HVAC is committed to putting customers first. So is Bryan.

“We’re customer focused,” he explains. “We do things other companies don’t.”

This includes 24 hour emergency service and an outreach system to make homeowners feel safe and comfortable with the company.

“Homeowners will actually get a confirmation of their appointment with a picture of one of us so they know what time we’ll be there and who to expect,” Bryan explains.

This gives homeowners a sense of security when it comes time to have Bryan or one of our other technicians in their home.

“We also are very respectful of the home and property,” Bryan says. “We make sure to be quiet, friendly, and clean. In fact, a lot of the time we leave the furnace area cleaner than when we arrive.”

Bryan Encourages Homeowners to Ask Him Questions

Bryan didn’t start in this industry as a service technician. “I started in customer service with an HVAC manufacturer. I became really interested in the industry, and started taking night school at Humber College,” he explains.

Now a fully licensed Gas Fitter since 2013, Bryan continues to develop his skills and knowledge. “At least once a week at Dr. HVAC we have training, and we participate in a lot of manufacturer training as well,” Bryan says.

This works perfectly for Bryan, who loves not only learning, but teaching. “I’m a nerd for my work,” he says. “I enjoy teaching it to homeowners who want to learn a bit about the important systems in their homes.”

In return, Bryan learns every time he goes to an appointment. “Every day is different. You get to learn about all kinds of people and all walks of life, which is great.”

Bryan encourages homeowners to come stand with him, talk to him, and ask questions – he’s more than happy to answer them.

What About Outside of Work?

Outside of work, Bryan can be most often found bowling, playing board games, working out, and watching movies.

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