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Some Great Emails We’ve Received From Happy Customers

… I just wanted to acknowledge the great service we just received from one of your technicians, Erich. The capacitor in our air conditioner died today and Erich, who was on-call, arrived promptly and not only fixed the problem but took the time to answer my questions. He even offered advice on how we can maintain our air conditioner going forward. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and overall just made the whole experience hassle-free on a day when the heat had our indoor temperature around 27-degrees. Based on my experience with Erich today, I can only assume you’ve heard positive things about him from other customers, but either way I just wanted to draw your attention to this. Thanks again Erich.

Adam in Brampton

Dr. HVAC has proven themselves to be the leader in their field. I’ve had top notch service with Dr. HVAC, from my initial call and conversation with the customer service representative, to the friendly service technician who came out to do my estimate. I want to applaud Dr. HVAC for hiring such wonderful service techs.

Brendon spent some time at my condo removing and installing my air conditioning unit. I was thoroughly impressed. From the time he shook my hand and introduced himself, to when he vacuumed the area in which he worked. I was very impressed with his skill set. This young man was very professional and knowledgeable. He even took the time to fully explain the maintenance plan.

I wish I had contacted Dr. HVAC earlier, and I look forward to doing business with your company in the future! My new unit runs so quietly that I didn’t even know he had turned it on!

Scott Allison in Brampton, Ontario

I initially had called another company who put me on hold forever. Not a great start. Called Dr. HVAC. Said they could have someone come out quickly which was awesome. The technician was a great guy and fixed things no problem. It was quick and painless.

Would definitely recommend.

Joseph A. in Brampton, ON

The week of December 19-23, 2011 I had problem with my furnace and I needed service. I checked out a couple of reputable (so to say) companies to come and assess the problem and give me an honest estimate. Guess what? I got two different scenarios from two different techs. However, my gut feeling was that non of them were telling me the truth. They were their to make a quick buck and to take advantage of my situation as it was too close to X-Mas holidays and I needed my furnace working.

I then searched and called Dr. HVAC. and I spoke to Brandon ( the Boss). He sent in his technician (David) and he showed me step by step what was not done by previous techs and what was left hanging so I could call them back in hopes that I will get my furnace replaced.

My furnace was serviced by David on December 23rd 2011 and to date it’s been working great. The temperature has been regulated in my house which was a constant problem before. Dr. HVAC is the company I will always recommend to my family and friends.

Thank you Dr. HVAC and keep up with your honesty and sincerity towards customers.

Pardeep B. in Brampton, ON


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