Novo Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Treat Your Water With Novo

Novo is an industry-leading manufacturer of highly efficient water conditioning products. They have earned multiple ISO certifications and make use of a lean manufacturing process to keep quality high and costs low. What’s more, they’re Canadian!

With NSF-certified control valves, pressure tanks and plastics, Novo products aren’t prone to the usual problems that plague water softeners like cracked collars, valve issues and bursting.

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Novo Water Filtration Systems

Customize your residential water treatment exactly the way you want, with Novo’s extensive selection of product features. When you’re looking for clean, problem-free water for your home, contact Dr HVAC to install Novo Reverse Osmosis, Water Filter, and Ultraviolet systems.

H.E.R.O.™ High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System

H.E.R.O.™ is an exceptionally high performing Novo Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system. Unlike comparable water filters, this whole-home filtration system minimizes wasted water while rejecting a high percentage of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

  • Efficient, environmentally friendly 99.9 percent water recovery rate
  • TDS rejection rate of up to 99 percent
  • Glass-filled polypropylene construction — much tougher and more durable than the ABS polymers used in most other RO filters
  • Dual pre-filter cartridges
  • Membrane flushing to avoid TDS seepage
  • 3/8 inch outlet tubing to enable higher flows
  • Automatic shutoff valve
  • Exclusive check valve to ensure quiet functioning
  • Two-year warranty

Aqua Flo Platinum 1240 Series

Novo’s Reverse Osmosis Aqua Flo Platinum 1240 Series provides your family with highly filtered drinking water, conveniently and affordably.

  • Point of use (POU) filtration system
  • Colour coded tubing simplifies installation
  • Ultra-slim profile, plus integrated mounting bracket saves space in your home
  • Produces 75 gallons daily of high-quality drinking water right from your faucet — similar to premium bottled water, but without the bottles
  • Quiet, self-priming booster pump
  • Easily serviced due to snap-fit cover
  • Two-year limited warranty backs up all 1240 systems
  • Push Button models are equipped with a Smartap® water quality monitor, covered by a five-year warranty
  • Budget-friendly price point

Aqua Flo® 475 Series Water Systems

Maintenance is fast, simple and sanitary for Novo Reverse Osmosis Aqua Flo® 475 Series Drinking Water Systems. This solution assures you that your home will always have an uninterrupted flow of clean, fresh drinking water.

  • Four-stage filtration
  • Faucet (designer style optional) and NSF storage tank included3/8 inch outlet tubing
  • Quick connect, disposable filter cartridges and membrane
  • Ability to change cartridges in seconds without any tools
  • Built-in automatic water shutoffs eliminate the need to shut down your household water supply before performing system maintenance
  • Minimal direct human contact avoids contamination
  • Two-year warranty

Aqua Flo® Gen 5 UV/Filter Rack System

The Aqua Flo® Gen 5 UV/Filter Rack System is Novo’s combination water treatment system. Whole-house filtration works together with ultraviolet disinfection for reliably clean, great-tasting water throughout your entire home or cottage.

  • Four models with 8 or 13 GPM flow rates and a choice of filter combinations
  • 5-micron particle removal prior to UV treatment
  • Option for carbon filters to filter out unpleasant tastes and odours
  • Clear, easy-to-understand user interface
  • Meets ASME (American Society Of Mechanical Engineers) pressure standards
  • Easy to connect, the bayonet-style lamp requires no additional tools
  • “Future proof” (allows for upgrades and additional options to be added)
  • Warranty on parts varies by model

Aqua Flo® Under Sink Filtration Systems 475QC Filters

Aqua Flo® Under Sink Filtration Systems 475QC Filters are the efficient, affordable alternative to RO water conditioning systems.

  • Uses 100% of the water
  • Does not require a storage tank
  • Filters are changeable in seconds without the need for tools or water supply shutoff
  • Two-year warranty

Five models to suit your individual needs:

  1. Three Stage Ultra Filtration — to reduce VOCs, lead, chlorine, trihalomethanes, and sediments (particles as small as 0.2 microns). Improves taste and odour.
  2. Dual Stage Sediment / Taste & Odour — to remove sediment (5 microns) and improve taste and odour.
  3. Single Stage Sediment — to remove sediment (5 microns) causing water cloudiness.
  4. Single Stage Coconut Carbon Block — gets rid of bad taste and odour while filtering particles ≥ 10 microns.
  5. Single Stage Granular Activated Carbon — removes unpleasant taste and odour, for example, chlorine in otherwise clean water.

Guaranteed Performance

Dr HVAC will ensure you get the right water filter for your home, and that it is installed correctly.

We will ensure that the water filter will perform as well as expected, or we will fix it for free.