Meet Our Team

Every member of the Dr HVAC team is a dedicated professional who is committed to providing you with the best possible service. It’s the Dr HVAC way to go above and beyond the call of duty, as you’ll read in some of the stories below.

When you open your door to one of our technicians, you can feel confident that you’re getting a licensed professional – and a nice guy. All of our technicians must have their Gas Fitter 2 license (or better), a great attitude, and pass a criminal background check before we hire them.

The Learning Never Stops

Our entire team has made a commitment to ongoing learning to keep pace as technology improves. We do this in several ways:

We have weekly meetings to to share knowledge and ensure everyone is up to date with the latest processes.

  • We visit our manufacturers to take courses and workshops.
  • We encourage our technicians to take time out to study for additional licenses and certifications.
  • We know that to be the best, we must always keep raising the bar higher each and every day.

Do you want to be a part of a team like this?

Dr HVAC is growing and we’re looking for great people. If you’re interested in a career in HVAC, you can see our available positions here.

Our Team

Here are some of the great technicians we’re proud to have on our team.

Bruna, Home Comfort Advisor

Bruna is our Home Comfort Expert. She’s the friendly face who comes to your home to take measurements, photographs, and give you a professional presentation of your options. “I do everything to take care of your home needs,” she explains.

Bruna has a background in customer service and sales, and spends a lot of time training as part of the Dr. HVAC team. She goes on ride-alongs with our technicians and takes training sessions whenever she can.

At other companies, Bruna was always resolving customer complaints. What she likes about Dr. HVAC is that she’s always getting compliments on the services we provide. “I like the positive feedback; I’ve built a lot of positive relationships with clients,” she says.

It’s not just the clients that make Bruna happy to be here. “Dr. HVAC has helped me fulfill my potential. I never thought I could do what I’m doing now, and I know I want to keep doing this far into the future.”
When asked whether she had any customer stories, Bruna had trouble picking just one. “There are so many situations where clients are grateful; one man was so happy he was getting his furnace the next day he invited me to stay for dinner!”

“I love that I can build these relationships, and build trust and faith in Dr. HVAC,” she says.

When not helping clients, Bruna stays busy with running, yoga, reading, and her favourite home and garden television shows.

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Bryan, Service Technician

Bryan has been working in the heating and cooling industry since graduating from Humber College’s Gas Fitting program in 2013.

“I actually started out in customer service for an HVAC manufacturer. I liked it so much I started night school.”

For Bryan, getting people what they need is the best part of the job. “Whether it’s heat or air conditioning, it feels good to help. I remember during a bad heat wave, a woman with a newborn needed her AC repaired. Other companies were telling her it would be days before they could see her. I came on a Saturday and was luckily able to fix the problem quickly. She was so grateful she gave me apples for the road as a thank you.”

Bryan also loves being able to educate homeowners about what he does. “I’m a nerd for my work. I enjoy teaching people about it, and encourage homeowners to stay with me and ask questions about the large appliances in their homes.”

In his free time, you’ll find Bryan bowling, playing board games, watching movies, or working out.

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Tracy, Customer Service Representative

When you call in and Tracy answers, you know you’re in good hands. “I’ve gotten so many calls from families with no heat or AC – and what makes it even harder is that a lot of times the homeowners are older or there are young kids. It’s just so miserable being uncomfortable, and I understand how critical a furnace or air conditioner can be. I do everything I can to have a technician out to you as quickly as possible.”

Tracy has spent the past 18 years working in customer service and coordinating with HVAC dealers and companies.

“I went to Humber College, and started working for an HVAC dealer in 2000. I’ve been working in this industry and helping homeowners ever since.”

Tracy loves working with our customers, but she also loves her Dr. HVAC family. “Everyone here is welcoming and we take care of each other. Most importantly, we help each other take care of the people who call us needing help.”

In her free time, you can often find Tracy out getting some fresh air. “I live near a lake, so I’m always walking, taking in the view. I also love visiting local boutiques and restaurants. When I do spend some time inside at home, I love reading and cooking.”

Brendon, Owner

As the owner of Dr HVAC, Brendon has plenty of work on his plate. But he still loves visiting his customers in the field when he can.

Brendon was educated at Turner Fenton, Humber College and George Brown college. He is licensed as a Gas Fitter Level 1, ODP, and 313A Refrigeration Mechanic. He is certified to install Gastite, in System 636TM PVC Flue Gas Venting Systems, in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), and multiple other safety certifications. He also has multiple manufacturer’s installation certifications including Trane and Mitsubishi.

Brendon is passionate about community involvement, especially charities that help youth at risk. As a personal project, he is helping a university team develop a new kind of cooling unit for large computer rooms that uses minimal energy.

Tom, Install/Warehouse Manager

Tom has been working at Dr HVAC since 2017.  He acquired his G3 through an apprenticeship program through Dr HVAC and with the knowledge of TSSA, being a PM3 as a Generator technician.

Tom worked at Genrep for 7 years and moved up the ladder to become the Branch Manager for his last 3 years at Genrep, covering the GTA and South-western Ontario.

Tom is the Install and Warehouse manager at Dr HVAC.  He is highly efficient, works well and quickly and is good at organizing installs and jobs in a way that gets the best results.  He is loyal, hardworking and diligent.

During the day you can find Tom quickly solving problems and helping the team succeed.

Tom says,  “It is what you make it.” He lives out this philosophy and brings a spirit of industriousness to Dr HVAC.

Tom loves camping with his family year-round and playing softball for fun.

Andrew, Home Comfort Advisor

Working in the industry since 2002, Andrew is a master of his trade.

He is passionate about everything related to HVAC and expertly leads our team of service personnel. He interacts with everyone at the company and spends most days training technicians and sales members or managing Dr HVAC’s busy schedule. “My favourite part of my job is working together with the best HVAC team in the industry.”

Andrew also speaks with customers daily to answer technical questions. He is perfectly poised to tackle tough problems. “I love coming up with a solution to every HVAC issue.”

Outside of work, Andrew spends quality time with his wife and daughter. You might also find him enjoying a pick-up game of soccer or at the rink playing hockey. Each year he eagerly anticipates football season when his Fantasy Football league gets underway.

Byron, Home Comfort Advisor

Byron is one of our Comfort Consultants, and he spends his days working with clients to help them find the right system to fit their needs. Byron is a friendly professional who comes to your home to take measurements and explain the best system options for you based on the space available. 

There’s a lot to consider when deciding which HVAC system to purchase, which is where Byron comes in; he’s passionate about educating clients so they can make informed decisions, and he’s always happy to share his knowledge.

When he’s not at work, Byron likes to spend time with his family, tend to his vegetable garden and travel. 

Ashley, Customer Service Representative

There is a good chance you’ll speak with Ashley if you contact Dr HVAC—and if you do, you’re in luck! If you’ve got a question, she’s on it. As a Customer Service Representative, Ashley’s an excellent listener and is a wealth of information. 

She’s constantly communicating with clients and colleagues, spending most of her time on the phone or answering emails. Ashley aspires to be as helpful as possible and end every conversation on a happy note. 

When she’s not taking care of customers, it’s all about family. For Ashley, family comes first, and she spends as much time with her loved ones as she can. A perfect day includes exploring the outdoors with her son and cooking his favourite meal for him.

Steve, Service Technician

Steve is our Service Technician with a passion for teaching. It’s no wonder since his favourite part of the job is helping customers. He’s also a stickler for details and takes pride in thoroughly evaluating each customer’s HVAC equipment and providing reports on every component. 

Steve is dedicated to giving the best possible 5-star service experience to every customer. Clients love working with him because he takes his time to explain how each system works and where it may need improvement—all in a way that every customer can understand.

In his free time, Steve loves boating, fishing and spending time at the cottage.

Steve received his G2 Gas technician certification through Dr HVAC.

Lora, Comfort Advisor

Lora is our Comfort Advisor, and she fits the role perfectly! She loves meeting new people on the job, and she’s energized by helping families achieve their HVAC dreams. She truly cares about customer comfort, so she goes to great lengths to determine the best solutions for each home. Not only friendly, Lora is also efficient! She’s passionate about doing a job right the first time and doing it well! 

Her favourite part of the job is hearing customers say how grateful they are for all the knowledge, skill, talent and experience Dr HVAC brings to the table. What’s more, she’s thrilled when these happy customers become lifelong friends and long-term service club members.

When she’s not working in HVAC, Lora is a musician/recording artist as well as painter and renovator.  She also has a wonderful son and two little dogs that keep her on her toes.

Lori is certified in HVAC System and Service Training, which covers air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps and ductless splits.

Matt, Service Technician

Matt is a certified G2 gas fitter, so he knows the ins and outs of installing, inspecting, altering, purging, activating, and repairing a natural gas or propane appliance. He’s also a dedicated Service Technician who spends his time diagnosing, maintaining and fixing HVAC equipment. Because he’s passionate about customer service, he makes a point to take the time to ensure all customers’ HVAC questions and concerns are addressed. 

His favourite part of the job is making customers feel safe and comfortable in their own homes.

When he’s not at work, Matt is passionate about his car and can be found adding something new to it at least once a month. He’s done everything from simple exterior modifications to a full suspension overhaul!

Chris, Field Technician

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Chris is an expert at installing, maintaining and repairing all HVAC equipment. He’s always happy to share his wealth of knowledge with customers, explaining how to use HVAC equipment and how it works. He loves chatting with customers who might not have the experience to service their own HVAC system, but are knowledgeable enough to identify the signs when something is off. 

Chris’s favourite part of the job is interacting with customers and spending time sharing knowledge with other HVAC techs. There’s no team like one that works together.

When Chris isn’t working, he can be found golfing, reading or kicking back to spend time with friends and family.