Financing HVAC System Options

HVAC system financing options

Easy, Flexible Financing & Rental Payment Options

Like most people, you’ve got a lot of financial commitments to meet. But if you need a new furnace or air conditioner when you’re already stretched, you may need some help spreading out the cost.

If your current HVAC system is on the fritz, you might be dreading all the costs associated with repairing or replacing it. Luckily, with Dr. HVAC, you have plenty of options for financing HVAC systems. Get peace of mind with a new AC, furnace, or water heater—without all the upfront costs.
We offer several affordable financing programs for purchasing a new system. If you’d rather rent, we have plenty of rental options for you as well.

We offer several affordable financing programs for purchasing a new system. If you’d rather rent, we have plenty of rental options for you as well. 

Renting Options

Whether you’d rather not commit to owning a system outright, or you’d rather not deal with any significant upfront costs, Dr. HVAC’s hassle-free rental programs are a great choice. Choose from furnace, air conditioning, and water heater rentals, and get your house feeling comfortable again!

Furnace Rentals

If you need a new furnace but don’t want to deal with any upfront costs, our furnace rental program could be the solution for you. With easy monthly payments, no minimum term, and included maintenance, the benefits of a furnace rental program mean you don’t have to worry about being without heat this winter.

We have all the brands you know and trust, including Trane, Bryant, and Goodman, and Lennox.

Air Conditioning Rentals

Looking for an affordable way to beat the heat? Our air conditioner rental program can help! We have a wide range of options for your home and family’s needs.

If you’re in the market for a central air conditioning system, it’s easy to get started with our rental program. We can get you set up with a Trane, RunTru, Bryant, or Goodman central air system, or a ductless system like those offered by Trane and Daikin.

Water Heater Rentals

If you’re shivering at the thought of suffering through cold showers during Ontario’s winters, consider renting a water heater with us! We offer both tankless and storage tank models, and we’ll help you decide what type is best for your family’s needs. 

Our rental programs come with easy monthly payments, no minimum term, and included maintenance and repairs. Choose from several types of high-efficiency tank and tankless water heaters, including Navien.

HVAC Financing & Payment Plan Options

Dr HVAC can help you afford your new heating and cooling system if you live in Brampton, Mississauga, or anywhere else in our GTA service area. We’ve partnered with SNAP Financing and Smart Home to provide you with competitive, affordable home AC/furnace financing programs. 

We offer a variety of flexible furnace and air conditioning payment plans with options for everyone:

  • Low monthly payment programs: take 10 or even 12 years if needed. Interest rates are much lower than what credit cards offer.
  • No interest options if you’re paying off the entire loan in 2 – 3 years.
  • Options for no down payment.
  • Pay off at any time.
  • SNAP allows you to make payments on your credit card to earn points.
  • Finance even large projects like custom-sized equipment or custom HVAC system design.
  • Combination AC/furnace financing available 

When purchasing energy star-rated systems, there are often local rebates and energy-efficient programs that can help pay off the entire cost of your home furnace quickly.

How Does Snap Financing Work?

Snap Financing options are there to provide lease-purchase agreements of up to $3,000. Their financing programs are there for any financial situation, even if bad credit has been an issue in the past. Dr. HVAC and your furnace financing program work together to get you the new home AC/furnace system you need—stress-free.

Get Pre-Approved for Financing

Apply through the secure link below and we will be notified once you’re approved. Dr HVAC will not see your financial information. Please contact us if you have any questions about financing.

Transparent Process with No Surprises

We walk you through all the options and highlight the advantages of each. You’ll have all the information you need to make the right decision for your budget. Start your AC/furnace financing with the information you need to make a confident decision.

We also accept all major forms of payment, including Visa and MasterCard.

Furnace Financing

If you are in need of just a furnace replacement, there are plenty of programs for you as well. Many of the mentioned financing options, such as a no-interest financing program, apply to a brand new heating furnace installment as well.

We are happy to partner with top-quality home heating brands such as Trane, Bryant, and Goodman, as well as all Lennox brand products.

Air Conditioning Financing

The same goes for your home cooling system- There is an HVAC financing program for you! Avoid the massive upfront payment that weighs on your bank account. You should be able to install an air conditioning system no matter your credit history. These are just a few reasons why brands offer financing on your cooling system.

A Trane heating and cooling system, RunTru, Bryant, or Goodman all qualify for many home HVAC financing offers. There are even offers for ductless systems like those Trane and Daikin offer.

Financing HVAC Systems Options

Let’s Talk HVAC Financing Options

A new home HVAC system is closer than you think. The expert team at Dr. HVAC won’t just handle your furnace installation. We’ll help you find the new system that will work best for you, what your budget can offer as a down payment, and what you need from your heating and cooling systems. Give us a call to discuss further details and we’ll help your find the right home HVAC system today.



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