WIN a New AC in Our Oldest Central Air Conditioner Contest

An old Air Conditioner

This month, Dr. HVAC is turning his stethoscope toward the rich history of the Greater Toronto Area. We’re looking for Peel and Halton’s oldest central air conditioner! Why? Because we love old air conditioners, and we want to give you a brand new one in exchange.

Send us Your Pics

We’re not looking for just any old air conditioners. Your poor old air conditioner has to be still running. We don’t want just a pile of rubble.

Once we’ve found it, we’ll trade you for a powerful new one. The winner will get a brand new air conditioner courtesy of Trane worth about $3500.

For the Love of Air Conditioners 

We’re so excited. We can’t wait to see how old all your air conditioners are! We’ll all gather around the photos and go “ooooh…” and “ahhhhh,” and “how is that still running?”

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Once a we’ve narrowed down the list to only the oldest of the old, we’ll visit every AC ourselves and appraise them. We’ll use forensic science on it, and figure out its exact age. The winner must legitimately have the oldest running central air conditioner of the entrants.

So, Peel and Halton, show us what old thing you have cooling your home. We can’t wait to see what it looks like, or even hear what it sounds like. It’ll probably sound something like, “dagnabbit,” “get off my lawn,” and “where are my slippers?” What an old codger!

How to Enter 

Before you do anything else, head down to the basement or walk outside and use your phone to snap a pic of your air conditioner. Next, email your picture to, or just tweet it at us @_DRHVAC. If your air conditioner is old enough, trust us, we’ll be able to tell by looking at it.

What are you waiting for? Win that brand new Trane Air Conditioner, Peel and Halton! We know you can do it!

Contest closes Friday, June 12th 2015. No purchase necessary. For more details check out the image below. Good luck, and may the oldest AC win! 



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