Does It Make Sense To Repair vs. Replace Your Toilet?

Does It Make Sense To Repair vs. Replace Your Toilet?

When you own an older toilet with recurring issues, the decision to repair vs replace your toilet is a tough call. You don’t want to throw out a perfectly good plumbing fixture… but can the problem be fixed?

To find out, read this handy guide. It will tell you exactly when to replace or when to repair your toilet.

Replace Your Toilet When It’s:

Repaired Repeatedly – Too Many Repairs 

When you’ve invested in repeated and frequent repairs for your old toilet, and it still doesn’t work right, it’s time to say goodbye. Although toilets are a plumbing fixture that often lasts for decades, eventually, they do need to retire. Repairing a constantly running toilet not only negatively impacts your water bill, it is a sign your entire toilet is due to be replaced. So start looking for a replacement to your existing toilet and your home plumbing system will be all the better.

Loose Or Wobbles

First, tighten the seat bolts on a wobbly toilet. Next, replace the wax seal around the base. If those simple solutions don’t do the trick, then you’ll have to replace your old toilet. You should avoid using a loose toilet. Wobbling is frequently a sign the fixture is about to spring a serious leak (it may already be leaking into the floor, unbeknownst to you). Call a professional plumber immediately.

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Even a tiny hairline crack in your porcelain toilet bowl or toilet tank is a danger sign. You might notice a stinky toilet smell too. Unfortunately, small cracks never get better, only worse. And “worse” could spell disaster for your bathroom and the room below it — in the form of flooding and water damage—time for a new toilet.

Always Clogged

The occasional toilet paper blockage is par for the course, but a toilet that is always clogged is different. In this case, the GTA’s hard water has likely resulted in mineral sediment blocking the top of your toilet drain (which could cause your toilet to smell bad too). A professional drain cleaning might solve your problem, otherwise, a new toilet is the best answer.

Won’t Flush

When your toilet doesn’t flush, it’s not much use anymore — except maybe as a kitschy garden planter. You’ll need a replacement if you’ve tried all the repairs for poor flushing or constant running (see the section below) without success.

Repair Your Toilet When It’s:

Not Flushing Properly

Annoyed as you might feel when your toilet fails to flush properly, this issue is usually nothing to worry about. Try minor toilet repairs, like shortening the chain that attaches to the flapper or tightening the toilet handle.

Water Levels Are Low

Low water level in your toilet is a simple fix, and indicates that the bowl or tank is not refilling as it’s supposed to after the toilet has been flushed. A simple fill valve replacement ought to take care of this problem. However, if your low water levels are combined with puddles on the floor around your toilet, you might have a major leak. That will require professional repair.

Clogged Once Or Twice

There’s a reason that plunging is the classic “cure” for a toilet clog: it usually works to clear a partial clog. To deal with more stubborn clogs, though, call a reliable, professional plumber for toilet repair — for the best solution in the form of augering or snaking.

Running Constantly

Perhaps your problem is that, after a flush, your toilet keeps on running… continuously running. It’s quite an annoying toilet noise. Often all that’s required here is replacing the flapper valve or fill valve– a quick and inexpensive fix. However, a more complicated cause is mineral sediment inside your pipes. For that, consult an expert plumber.

Creating Bad Odours

When your toilet smells bad despite regular cleaning, the bad odour could be coming from an area you never thought of — the underside of the toilet rim or the feeder pipes. For the first issue, scrub well with plain white vinegar. For the second, pour 240 ml of bleach down the overflow pipe. Still stinky? You may have a partial drain clog or damaged seal, which a qualified plumber can repair for you.

Help With Any Toilet Issue

Dr HVAC knows toilets, and we’re here to help you. Contact us for toilet repair or toilet replacement in the Greater Toronto Area. We’ll give you an honest, professional opinion as to whether your toilet is worth fixing due to constant plumbing problems. Then, if it’s time to replace a toilet, you can trust us for fast, efficient toilet installation.