Is It Better To Repair Or Replace My Furnace?

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When your furnace breaks down, fixing it can be quite expensive. And if it breaks down a lot, you may wonder whether it’s better to repair or replace your furnace.

Obviously, you need to make a decision fast — you and your family can’t go long without heat in the middle of a Georgetown winter. Even so, it’s important to find out the facts. It’s important to know how long furnaces last in Brampton.

Here are 7 essential questions and answers that will help you decide whether to repair or replace your furnace.

1. How Old Is My Furnace Now?

Furnaces can last up to 15 years, or even longer with proper furnace maintenance by a professional. However, as your furnaces get on in years, it becomes less and less worthwhile to shell out for expensive repairs. Make sure you know how to tell the age of your furnace to make the decision of repair vs. replacement.

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2. What Kind Of Shape Is My Furnace In?

Investing in repairs for a furnace that’s been running beautifully up till now could be worth the money. But if your furnace is rusty, sooty, blowing cold air, making weird noises and hiking up your gas bill, maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

And if it’s downright dangerous – perhaps it has a cracked heat exchanger which allows deadly carbon monoxide to escape into your home – you definitely need a replacement.

3. What Is The Estimated Cost Of The Repairs?

This relates to Questions 1 and 2. The age and condition of your furnace will help you determine how much you should pay to fix it.

For example, spending a couple of hundred dollars on a middle-aged furnace might be reasonable, but if the repair estimate comes to several thousand, your money would be better off going toward a new model.

4. Will A New Furnace Save Me Energy?

Yes, indeed. Advances in technology mean that today’s new furnaces are much more energy-efficient than those of even 10 years ago. When you install a new furnace, you can confidently expect to reduce your fuel bills and your carbon footprint.

How much? Compare the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings. If your present furnace is 70% and the replacement is 95%, that means it will be 25% more efficient.

TIP: Regular tuneups help keep your furnace operating at top efficiency.

5. How About Temperature Control & Air Quality?

A new furnace can provide greater home comfort in several ways. For instance, you’ll be able to install a whole-house humidifier or an air purifier in your furnace to improve indoor air quality. Another possibility: organize your new heating system so that you can set your heating at different temperatures in different zones of your house.

6.  Are There Any Rebates Or Special Offers Available On The Purchase Of A New Furnace?

Take advantage of special offers and deals that will make a new furnace more affordable. You may qualify for a program such as the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus, which is offered to incentivize upgrading your home’s energy efficiency.

7. What Will My Budget Cover?

Of course, you’ll have to crunch the numbers and see what you can afford. When you balance the cost to repair or replace a furnace, usually the repair has a lower upfront price tag. However, rebates and special offers (as mentioned above), combined with your potential savings on fuel bills, can turn furnace replacement into a much more budget-friendly option.

Repair Or Replace – We’re Here For You

Whether you repair or replace your furnace, let the friendly professionals at Appleby Home Comfort handle the job for you. And if you need help making up your mind, contact us for more information and price quotes.



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