We Made One Family’s Dream Come True with our Free Furnace Giveaway

Winner Free Furnace Giveaway

Above: The Dr. HVAC team poses with our winner, John Waterous.

This fall, we had our first Winter Warm Up Furnace Giveaway to provide a local family with a free furnace.

“We had many entrants, and I wish we could have given them all a furnace,” says Dr. HVAC’s president Brendon Aldridge. “But when I read this man’s entry, I knew that he was the one who needed us the most.”

On January 29, we knocked on their door, hoping to make a big difference in their lives.

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No One Should Have to Give Up Being Warm and Safe In Their Own Home

Staying warm in the winter shouldn’t have to be a luxury, but that’s exactly what it was for John Waterous and his family.

Unable to Work Due to Health Problems, He Made the Difficult Choice to Turn Off the Heat 2 Years Ago

After suffering from kidney problems that had him in and out of the hospital, John was unable to work. Bills began to pile up, and his family had to make a difficult choice: to turn off the gas and rely on alternative ways to keep warm.

“They spent 2 years saving up to turn the gas back on, but after so long, the furnace was in such disrepair it wouldn’t work,” explains Brendon. “We wanted to make sure that after all that saving, John and his family had a furnace that worked.”

Telling Him Was an Overwhelming Moment for All of Us

“When we told him, he just… he was in shock,” Erich, one of our installation technicians, remembers. “Then he just lit up. In fact, we all lit up. Our reactions were almost as good as his!”

“It’s an overwhelming feeling, being part of something that for most people isn’t a big deal, but for this man and his family was a life-changer,” Brendon remarks. “I know myself and the entire installation team felt what our winner was feeling – joy, relief, excitement.”

The Incredible Moment When We Turned the Heat On for His Family

We didn’t waste any time making the installation appointment. “It’s easily the most fun I’ve had on an installation,” Erich says. “We made sure it was nice and clean and running perfectly when he came down for his big first impression.”

John’s face said it all when he saw the shiny new furnace. “He couldn’t believe how quiet it was compared to his old furnace,” Erich says. “But what he was really excited about was sharing this with his wife and daughter: that they would walk into a nice, warm house.”

And when they did? “It was one of the happiest, most incredible things I’ve ever been involved in,” Erich says. “Knowing they would have a happy, warm winter after 2 years of sacrifice… there are no words.”

“Thank you very much,” John said to the installation team. “You guys did such a great job installing it and it works fantastically: it’s warm in here!”

“If We Could Make A Warm Home a Reality for Even One Person, We Wanted to Do It”

“Winters in Ontario can be harsh, and there are so many families in need in the Peel region. If we could make a warm home a reality for even once person, we wanted to do it. And for this family, we did,” Brendon shares. “It’s moments like this that make me feel blessed that Dr. HVAC is in a position to make a difference in our community.”

“I believe in giving back to the community which has given us so much,” Erich agrees. “I love that Dr. HVAC has the same philosophy, and is such a big part of it.”

As Long As We’re Here, We’ll Be a Part of the Community

For Brendon, Dr. HVAC has a responsibility to do what we can for the people and organizations who continue to support us. “I was born and raised here: I know how loving and giving this community is. As long as we’re here, we’re going to give as much of that love back as possible. Our community comes first.”

Our Community Involvement