Oldest Air Conditioner Contest Winner Revealed!

Oldest Air Conditioning Contest Winner 2015

Dr HVAC is pleased to announce the winner of our 2015 Oldest Air Conditioner contest: Len DiSalvia! Here’s a video of Dr HVAC owner Brendon Aldridge presenting the freshly installed Trane to Len.

Len wins a brand new Trane XR13 air conditioning unit. It’s EnergyStar rated, and nice and quiet. At SEER 14.50, it provides a nice level of energy efficiency, and is built to last with the famous Trane reliability.

The Trane will replace his old AC, which was the oldest unit that was still running of all the entries. It turned out to be over 30 years old. When we switched it on to verify it was still working (which was required by the contest rules) we were amazed to see it was actually still cooling his home.

While it is impressive that Len’s old air conditioner was still running, it had been breaking down fairly frequently and Len was excited to hear he’d won a replacement.

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When we called Len to let him know he had won, he said, “ No way, awesome!”. He was even more thrilled when we arrived to remove his old air conditioner and install his new one.

Len Will Enjoy Great Energy Savings

Not only will Len’s new air conditioner provide reliable performance and save money on repair costs, it will help him save money on energy too. Ontario’s energy costs are expected to rise by 68% by 2032, with the biggest jumps coming in the next 5 years. And that’s including the projected energy surplus.

We did some calculations, and it looks like Len’s new air conditioner is about 47% more efficient than his old one. He should save about $3,614.00 on electricity costs over the next 5 years even if the cost of electricity doesn’t rise at all. (We used the average rate, assuming he would use his AC evenly throughout mid-peak, off-peak and on-peak hours).

Once again, congratulations Len from everyone here at Dr HVAC, and enjoy your new air conditioner!


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