Meet Our Technicians: Sean Fagen

Our team of expert technicians is made up of people committed to representing Dr.HVAC as a company that cares, and that includes our technician Sean Fagen.

Sean has been with our company for almost a year, and is already a firm member of the family. This is exactly what he was looking for in a job. “I wanted a place where I could continue my education and be in a community atmosphere.”

Sean already knows a lot. He’s had plenty of experience in the industry working with everything from air conditioners and furnaces by top brands like Lennox to refrigeration technology. Once he started working at Dr. HVAC, he started learning even more.

“We have weekly training modules at the company, and I go to seminars on pretty much everything. New technology, new practices, customer service – you name it!” he explains.

Learning is one of the things Sean likes the most about working at Dr. HVAC. And, as he so rightly says, “liking the place you work is important.”

“I like that I can take the things I’ve learned and help people, creating resolutions to their problems.”

Some of Sean’s most positive customer experiences have stemmed from his ability to resolve problems. “Just last week, there was a lady who was without air conditioner on a weekend, and she needed emergency service because she had an event coming up,” Sean recalled.

“I was able to get there in less than an hour and fix it with parts I had on my truck. She was pleased, and really liked that part of our service response program involves sending a picture of the technician along with our email or text confirming the details of the appointment. Knowing what I looked like before I got there made her feel more comfortable. She ended up leaving two reviews, which makes me feel good because I know reviews help our company, and it’s nice to know people are happy with what I do.”

Sean added that another thing he liked about Dr. HVAC was how they were different from other HVAC companies. “Other companies keep you waiting, making you go a week in the summer without an air conditioner. Dr. HVAC doesn’t do that.”

Instead, we respond promptly, meaning Sean is able to respond to multiple calls a day in a timely manner. Even though it can sometimes be challenging to not have a set schedule, he’s glad he can help so many people.

Part of being a technician in the home-service industry is entering homes that aren’t yours. So we asked Sean what he does when on a service call to make customers feel more comfortable.

“I try to treat the customers home like it’s my own. I don’t make a mess, and I’m mindful of objects before I move them. It actually starts before even stepping into the house. I’ll knock on the door, I won’t ring the bell, just in case there is a baby sleeping.”

He also will take the time to explain what he is doing, and why he’s doing it if the customer is curious or is looking for some extra assurance. For Sean, no two customers are the same.

“It really depends on the customer. Some choose to stay out of, watch TV while I do my work. Others like to hover and observe. I don’t mind either approach. And if they’re observers, I’ll explain what I’m doing, and I do think they’re more appreciative of that.”

Sean’s love of our family atmosphere and his knack for helping other people has made him extremely happy here. His years of experience also made him an excellent person to ask this final question: what does Dr. HVAC offer that is above and beyond the norm in our industry?

He didn’t have to think long about his answer. “Peace of mind. Peace of mind is something we strive for. Whatever the job, an installation, a repair, we get the job done right. And if there are any concerns, we’ll address them. We stand behind our service.”

The next time you need any of our services, it could be Sean avoiding the doorbell and knocking on your door.