Meet Our Customer Support Team: Danielle Fath


At Dr. HVAC, we believe in treating our customers as more than just phone calls – we treat them like family.

Our customer service representative (CSR) Danielle Fath is one of the first people you’ll talk to at Dr. HVAC, and she’s more than ready to help with whatever you need.

Danielle is a Friendly, Efficient Problem-Solver

Danielle is the kind of person who’s very voice makes you feel better. In fact, in the past people have called her just to say hello.

“I have a demeanor that many customers like,” Danielle explains. “I want to make my customers as happy as I am, and that comes through when I answer the phone.”

But what customers like the most about Danielle is her ability to problem-solve. With several years of customer service experience under her belt, Danielle knows how to solve issues efficiently.

“People are looking for understanding and solutions,” Danielle says. “Customers want someone to listen to them, relate to them, and most importantly involve them in the process. You’re inviting us into your homes and trusting us to solve difficult problems. I will do whatever I need to do to solve your problem and make you feel comfortable – and so will the rest of the team here.”

She Works Hard to Get You the Best Results

Danielle loves being able to make a difference in someone’s day – that makes this the perfect job for her.

“It can be really stressful when it’s cold out and you’ve got no furnace. Letting customers know I’m here for them and making them feel better is the most rewarding part of the job.”

Danielle has many examples of moments like this, but one comes to mind.

“One gentleman called about his furnace and he was very frustrated. I was positive,listened to what he needed, and was able to get him an appointment immediately. He kept saying to me how much he appreciated my calm demeanour, as it made him feel better and he felt I was actually listening to him and giving his problem my full attention,” Danielle says.

“Everyone at Dr. HVAC works to provide a positive customer experience and form a connection,” Danielle adds. “When you call us, we’re not strangers anymore. As soon as you become a customer, you’re a part of our family.”

An Atmosphere Where We Can Collaborate and Learn

Danielle has had a lot of different jobs in the past. “They should call me a Danielle of all trades,” she says. “But every career I’ve had has been working with people.”

At Dr. HVAC, Danielle loves that she gets to keep developing her already impressive skillset and knowledge. “Being here in this environment makes you want to learn, and I get to participate in ongoing training with the team.”

Danielle also loves the atmosphere at Dr. HVAC. “Everybody here is looking in the same direction: we want to put everyone, including each other, first,” Danielle says.

“There’s so much communication here, and we’re encouraged to share our ideas and collaborate,” she adds.

In Her Free Time

When she’s not at work, she’s going on adventures with her three kids. “We love to explore the outdoors, and I think it’s important for kids to get outside and understand nature – plus it’s a great way to spend time together.”

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