How Hiring a Trane Comfort Specialist Helps You

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Anyone with a truck and a toolbox can sell you a furnace or air conditioner, but very few of those one-person operations know how to do it right. Fewer still will be there for you if you ever have a problem.

With this kind of operation, if you ever have a question or need a repair, you’ll often find out that they’re “installation only” providers. In fact, you’re lucky if they even answer the phone!

While Trane focuses on building a dealer network of quality heating and cooling providers, they wanted to take this principle one step further.

That’s why the Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS) program was created. It holds companies like Dr HVAC to a higher standard, and keeps us accountable for how we treat you.

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What Is a TCS?

A Trane Comfort Specialist is a heating and cooling company that has met Trane’s strictest standards, and agrees to fulfill Trane’s ongoing inspections, training, and other requirements as well.

Only TCS companies are entitled to display the TCS shield on their website, and appear as TCS qualified in the official Trane dealer directory.

Benefits to You

Why should you care that Dr HVAC has the TCS shield?

  1. Rest easy knowing you’ve got the Trane quality you paid for. Only specially-trained technicians know how to install Trane equipment so that it functions to its full efficiency, works reliably, and lasts as long as possible. Incorrect installation can cause operational issues and even damage your air conditioner or furnace.
  2. You’re covered by extra guarantees. While uncertified companies can repair individual parts, TCS companies can give you more comprehensive protection:
    • Performance Guarantee: if your Trane doesn’t work as designed, Dr HVAC will give you a new unit for free.
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: if a year has passed and the unit is still not satisfactory, Dr HVAC will give you a full refund.
    • You get excellent customer service – guaranteed. These days everyone says they give excellent customer service, but few actually deliver.
  3. If something goes wrong, you’re covered by liability insurance. TCS companies are required to have full liability insurance in case of the unexpected.
  4. Four hour response time: if you need help, you won’t be left hanging.
  5. Your 10 year parts warranty from Trane is solid – but only TCS dealers have the ability to go beyond the standard Factory Warranty. In certain circumstances, TCS dealers can claim parts beyond the 10 year warranty. For example, if your AC fails a month after your warranty expired, only a TCS dealer can ensure you’re still covered!

We feel all these things make good sense – they’re how we would want to be treated in your shoes.

What it Takes to Become a TCS

Only 17 Trane dealers in Ontario hold the TCS designation. Charles Cotton, a Trane Territory Manager in the GTA, talks about the program’s strict criteria.

“Many companies seek this designation, but not all can be approved. We’ve made the requirements hard to meet on purpose,” says Charles.

He adds, “The Trane Comfort Specialist program allows homeowners to rest easy knowing that their installation is done right. We put a lot of work into developing our equipment, and we want to encourage companies to keep their training up to date as technology improves.”

In order to get a Trane Comfort Specialist certification, a company has to meet a list of qualifications three pages long.

On that list are items like:

  1. Minimum two technicians on staff full time – not just subcontractors.
  2. Qualified customer service reps must be available to answer the phones.
  3. Attending all training courses scheduled every year.
  4. Must agree to random facility inspections and random inspections of work done in customer homes.
  5. Honouring all Trane promotions, including financing, trade-in rebates, etc. Must also participate in current government and utility rebate programs.
  6. Must have excellent record with the Better Business Bureau and pass spot-checks of other online reviews.
  7. Full liability insurance to protect customers’ homes.
  8. Must pass at least 30 customer satisfaction surveys each year.

The list goes on.

Every year, all TCS companies have to meet a minimum quality score. If this score is not met, the TCS certification can be revoked.

Dr HVAC is Proud to Be a Trane Comfort Specialist

At Dr HVAC, it makes us proud that we can meet the exacting standards of a company like Trane. We fully intend to ensure that we continue to meet their standards…and yours!

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