Dr HVAC Helps Out with Tony Robbins Food Drive 2016

Ryan and Brendon Food Drive

We’re proud to announce that the Dr HVAC team helped out with the Tony Robbins Thanksgiving Basket Brigade for the fourth year in a row.

This year, Brendon, Ryan, and Danny got up bright and early on Saturday October 8th to be at the Ontario Food Terminal for 6 AM. There, they loaded up over 5 truck loads of food donations and took them to the Streetsville United Church in Mississauga. They also got to see a fantastic sunrise while they were at it.

Tony Robbins Basket Brigade 2016 Volunteers
Dozens of volunteers donated their time, money, and good cheer!

Doing Good and Having Fun

Tony Robbins Basket Brigade 2016
Volunteers sorting food into packages for over 60 Brampton area families.

At the church, dozens of volunteers sorted the food and portioned them out into Thanksgiving dinner packages, including a frozen turkey, potatoes, veggies, and cranberry sauce. There was also plenty of healthy food for more meals in the days following Thanksgiving.

All told, there was enough to provide a real Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings for over 60 needy families!

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“It was a real privilege to be able to do our part for the campaign,” said Brendon Aldridge, Dr HVAC owner and chief technician. “I find Tony Robbins personally inspiring, and I was especially moved by his reasons for starting up the campaign.”

Tony Robbins Basket Brigade 2016 Volunteers
Lots of healthy veggies made for nutritious and delicious Thanksgiving dinner packages.

The Basket Brigade is now in its 23rd year. Anthony Robbins is now a successful author and motivational speaker, but as a child his family was poor. When he was 11 years old, a donated Thanksgiving basket from a stranger made a huge impression on him. When he was 18, he started doing the basket brigade even though he only had enough money for 2 baskets. Now he now funds dozens of basket brigade campaigns across North America. You can read more about Tony’s story here or watch a video of him telling the full story here.

An Interview With Brampton Basket Brigade Volunteers

Why Not Join The Fun Next Time?

We had a great time this year as always. It’s a really festive atmosphere, with people joking and talking and sharing stories.

If you’re interested in helping out next year, there are lots of ways to contribute: