7 Expert Solutions for a Furnace That Is Blowing Cold Air

Furnace Blowing Cold Air

Is your furnace doing the job of an air conditioner? There’s a reason for this. Find out why your furnace is blowing cold air, how to fix it and how to prevent this issue from happening again.

How Easy is it to Add a Gas Fireplace?

Two people with their feet up beside a gas fireplace

Yes, it’s possible! Learn how to add a gas fireplace to your existing home. Familiarize yourself with the basics of gas fireplace installation with our easy to follow guide.

The Best Winter Temperature For Your Thermostat

Ideal Winter Thermostat Temperature Brampton

Tired of just guessing when it comes to setting your winter thermostat? In this article, we inform you about the recommended temperature setting to save energy as well as other energy-efficiency tips.

When Do You Need To Change Your Furnace Filter?

Change Furnace Filter Brampton

Your furnace filter is a big part of how your furnace works. So, what happens if you don’t change it? Learn about how often you need to change your furnace filter and why it’s important.

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace My Furnace?

Couple looking at laptop together.

When your furnace breaks down, fixing it can be quite expensive. And if it breaks down a lot, you may wonder whether it’s better to repair or replace your furnace. Obviously, you need to make a decision fast — you and your family can’t go long without heat in the middle of a Georgetown winter.

How Long Does A Water Heater Last?

A water heater is a home plumbing essential but like all appliances, it does have a limited service life. And when your water heater is about to fail, you had better be ready!

How Will The R22 Phase Out Affect You?

Technician Working on a Furnace Tune Up

By January 1, 2020, it’ll be illegal to own any heating and cooling products containing R22. Find out about the R22 phase-out and what you need to do about it?

What is the Most Energy Efficient Heating System?


Climate change is a hot-button topic today. Concerned consumers across the country want to minimize their carbon footprint (and save money) by reducing their energy use. An efficient heating system is essential in cold climates like Ontario’s, where heating costs can account for as much as 61% of your home energy consumption. Benefits Of An