Consumers Choice 2021

Dr HVAC Named 2021 Consumers Choice Award Winner!

We are proud to share that Dr HVAC has been selected as a Top Service Provider by Consumers Choice Awards (CCA).

We are especially grateful to be honoured with this award and would like to thank the people of Brampton, Mississauga and Georgetown for making this possible.

About the Award

Established in 1987, CCA is the only organization in Canada to conduct independent market research surveys to determine brand reputation and customer satisfaction. CCA collects information from both consumers and the local business community. The selection process ensures that winners are limited to the highest respected service providers within their respective industries.

We are so pleased to receive this distinguished award for business excellence and be considered a Top-Ranked Service Provider in Canada.

To Our Valued Customers

It is your trust and commitment to Dr HVAC that leads to awards like this. Every day, we do our best to provide high-quality HVAC solutions for you. We strive to deliver friendly service and provide you with the peace of mind you seek. With over 500 reviews and a 4.8 rating, we’re thrilled to be so highly recommended by people like you.

We appreciate your reviews, both the good and the bad. Each review offers new insights and helps us to learn and grow as a company. And, of course, our dedicated staff loves to hear happy stories customers share about their experience with Dr HVAC.

We encourage you to share your thoughts about our HVAC services. You can find and leave reviews for us on Google, Facebook and HomeStars.

Dr HVAC’s Public Statement On COVID-19

In an announcement made on January 12th, the Ontario government unveiled new public health restrictions and a stay-at-home order. Fortunately, Dr HVAC is recognized as an essential service and remains open for business. We will continue to provide services while following strict and comprehensive health protocols.

As we continue to monitor the unforeseen situation that is present with the coronavirus (COVID-19) and associated illnesses, Dr HVAC has developed this policy to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all team members, visitors, customers and stakeholders.

Dr HVAC wishes to ensure all customers that we have continuity plans in place to deliver uninterrupted service and support to customers as we navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Dr HVAC Team

Dr HVAC has implemented an extensive COVID-19 Policy accompanied by Dr HVAC COVID-19 Temporary Risk Management Procedures. We have implemented additional sanitization and cleaning protocols in our office, warehouses, fleet vehicles and work locations. We have equipped field staff with necessary equipment to ensure safe working procedures in homes and businesses of our customers. We have increased options for remote work where possible. The policy and procedures set in place are largely precautionary and will be constantly monitored and adjusted.

Dr HVAC’s Plan

No employees showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be working while showing symptoms, and will not return until medically cleared. Prior to each home visit, your technician will call to confirm the appointment. At this time, the technician will describe the increased sanitary measures and confirm nobody at the location is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or has experienced symptoms within the past 48 hours. We encourage those who are well to keep their appointments, and respect customers who are ill or high risk and wish to reschedule. Every effort to reschedule appropriately will be made.

We ask all customers to respect the health and safety of our team and community. Should you be experiencing any symptoms, please contact our office right away to reschedule.

As we continue to monitor the situations, further communications may be updated.

Should you have any questions regarding this policy or wish to discuss our COVID-19 practices, please contact us at (905) 457-4425 (Brampton) or (905) 822-3332 (Mississauga).

Thank you,

Brendon Aldridge


Appleby Acquired By Dr HVAC

Dr. HVAC Acquires Appleby Systems Georgetown

We’re happy to announce that Appleby Systems Georgetown has restructured and is now operated by Dr HVAC. Appleby Systems Georgetown has a long history of providing exceptional HVAC service to Georgetown residents.

Dr HVAC plans to continue this history, with Appleby opening a new location on Guelph Street in Georgetown.

“I want to thank you all for allowing us to serve your HVAC needs all these years. I am moving on and it’s important to me that you continue to get great service from a company I trust. I believe that Brendon and the Dr HVAC team will continue our tradition of great customer service,” states previous Appleby Systems Georgetown owner Paul Petersen.

Known as the “friendly experts,” the team at Dr HVAC has earned an impressive 400 positive customer reviews (and counting), an A+ BBB rating, and multiple HomeStars awards. Like Appleby, family and community have always been the cornerstone of the Dr HVAC business.

“We are excited to be able to now service customers within Georgetown and the surrounding areas. We have learned a lot servicing Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Oakville, and the Greater Toronto area for over a decade. Now we’re looking forward to bringing ‘friendly expert’ experience in Georgetown. Our goal is to take what was already great and make it even better,” states Brendon Aldridge.

Dr HVAC and Appleby Systems Georgetown provide a number of HVAC and plumbing services including furnace repair and installation, boiler repair and installation, fireplace installation, air quality and treatment, air conditioner (ductless and central) repair and installation, hot water tanks and water treatment (filtration and softeners).

What’s new: As part of the restructure following Paul Petersen’s retirement, Appleby Systems Georgetown is now operated by Dr. HVAC. What hasn’t changed: Appleby’s valued customers will continue to receive the same high-quality service they’re accustomed to (and deserve!).

Dr HVAC Again Crowned HomeStars Best of Award Winner!

Dr HVAC has been chosen as a 2020 HomeStars Best of Award Winner. The Best of Awards recognize the best HVAC professionals in the HomeStars network of over 60k pros, vetted and selected for their unwavering dedication to customer services and excellence in their trade.

“Our Best of Award Winners are the pros that make our network so phenomenal,” says Nancy Peterson, CEO of HomeStars. “This award is for those that deliver top-notch customer service, have built themselves a golden reputation, and go above and beyond client expectations.”

Check out Dr. HVAC’s HomeStars Reviews >

To Our Valued Customers

Without your trust and commitment to Dr HVAC, this award wouldn’t be possible. With over 100 reviews and a 9.6 rating, we’re honoured to be so highly recommended by the people of Brampton and Mississauga.

We appreciate our customers leaving us reviews, both good and bad. Every review gives us the opportunity to learn and grow as a company. They also give us an opportunity to share happy stories with our dedicated staff, many of whom are featured heavily in the reviews.

If you’d like to write a review about our HVAC services, you can submit your thoughts on Google, Facebook and HomeStars.

2019 Team-Building Exercise at YU Ranch

The Dr HVAC team participated in a team-building event by visiting the Y.U Ranch, a proud advocate for sustainable agriculture. The ranch produces 100% grass-fed Longhorn beef under a sustainable environment. The team was given a tour of the whole ranch and was treated to food as well. All and all, it was great time with the Dr HVAC team!

Winner Free Furnace Giveaway

We Made One Family’s Dream Come True with our Free Furnace Giveaway

Above: The Dr. HVAC team poses with our winner, John Waterous.

This fall, we had our first Winter Warm Up Furnace Giveaway to provide a local family with a free furnace.

“We had many entrants, and I wish we could have given them all a furnace,” says Dr. HVAC’s president Brendon Aldridge. “But when I read this man’s entry, I knew that he was the one who needed us the most.”

On January 29, we knocked on their door, hoping to make a big difference in their lives.

No One Should Have to Give Up Being Warm and Safe In Their Own Home

Staying warm in the winter shouldn’t have to be a luxury, but that’s exactly what it was for John Waterous and his family.

Unable to Work Due to Health Problems, He Made the Difficult Choice to Turn Off the Heat 2 Years Ago

After suffering from kidney problems that had him in and out of the hospital, John was unable to work. Bills began to pile up, and his family had to make a difficult choice: to turn off the gas and rely on alternative ways to keep warm.

“They spent 2 years saving up to turn the gas back on, but after so long, the furnace was in such disrepair it wouldn’t work,” explains Brendon. “We wanted to make sure that after all that saving, John and his family had a furnace that worked.”

Telling Him Was an Overwhelming Moment for All of Us

“When we told him, he just… he was in shock,” Erich, one of our installation technicians, remembers. “Then he just lit up. In fact, we all lit up. Our reactions were almost as good as his!”

“It’s an overwhelming feeling, being part of something that for most people isn’t a big deal, but for this man and his family was a life-changer,” Brendon remarks. “I know myself and the entire installation team felt what our winner was feeling – joy, relief, excitement.”

The Incredible Moment When We Turned the Heat On for His Family

We didn’t waste any time making the installation appointment. “It’s easily the most fun I’ve had on an installation,” Erich says. “We made sure it was nice and clean and running perfectly when he came down for his big first impression.”

John’s face said it all when he saw the shiny new furnace. “He couldn’t believe how quiet it was compared to his old furnace,” Erich says. “But what he was really excited about was sharing this with his wife and daughter: that they would walk into a nice, warm house.”

And when they did? “It was one of the happiest, most incredible things I’ve ever been involved in,” Erich says. “Knowing they would have a happy, warm winter after 2 years of sacrifice… there are no words.”

“Thank you very much,” John said to the installation team. “You guys did such a great job installing it and it works fantastically: it’s warm in here!”

“If We Could Make A Warm Home a Reality for Even One Person, We Wanted to Do It”

“Winters in Ontario can be harsh, and there are so many families in need in the Peel region. If we could make a warm home a reality for even once person, we wanted to do it. And for this family, we did,” Brendon shares. “It’s moments like this that make me feel blessed that Dr. HVAC is in a position to make a difference in our community.”

“I believe in giving back to the community which has given us so much,” Erich agrees. “I love that Dr. HVAC has the same philosophy, and is such a big part of it.”

As Long As We’re Here, We’ll Be a Part of the Community

For Brendon, Dr. HVAC has a responsibility to do what we can for the people and organizations who continue to support us. “I was born and raised here: I know how loving and giving this community is. As long as we’re here, we’re going to give as much of that love back as possible. Our community comes first.”

Our Community Involvement


drhvac gives landmark new life

Dr. HVAC Helps Give a Community Landmark New Life – and Helps the Environment Along the Way

Above: the Dr. makes a house call at the Peel Memorial Hospital.

The Peel Memorial Hospital is one of the most important facilities in the Brampton area. For decades the original building had been a place of healing, but it reached the point where an expansion was needed to help more families get access to care.

But before it could be reborn, the old building needed to be demolished. For Dr. HVAC owner, Brendon Aldridge, it was a bittersweet time.

“Not only was I born at that hospital, but I lived down the street for most of my childhood, and you can see my old elementary school from there. I’ve lived here in Brampton almost my entire life, and saw a lot of that building over the years.”

Brendon adds, “While I was sad to see the old building go, I was proud to safely remove the refrigerant from all the old air conditioning units and ensure it gets recycled. I’m also involved with the Rotary Club, which helped to fund the new hospital.”

Our part of the project was to work with the demolition team to make sure that all the refrigerant was removed and the units properly disposed of before the building was torn down. For a building of this size, it required several weeks of work.

Demolition team making sure refrigerant was removed

What is Refrigerant?

“Refrigerant is the gas inside the air conditioners that transfers the heat,” Brendon explains. “It absorbs the heat in the air as it passes through the cooling unit.”

In the old Peel Memorial Hospital, there were a lot of air conditioners, refrigeration units, and even cooling units for computer servers! All of them used refrigerant that had to be collected safely.

How Do You Collect It?

Collecting refrigerant has to follow a very specific process, and adhere to multiple codes. “You use a special machine, and it sucks the refrigerant out into a cylinder that looks kind of like a propane tank,” Brendon explains.

These cylinders are then taken to a special facility where the refrigerant is reclaimed or recycled (depending on the exact refrigerant used in each unit). Dr. HVAC sent the refrigerant from the old Peel Memorial Hospital to Fielding Environmental in Mississauga.

Refrigerants and the Environment

This may seem like a lot of work for a little gas, but the types of refrigerant used in the older air conditioners are extremely harmful to the environment.

“They have ozone depleting properties, and it was a big problem before they were phased out. R-12 use was halted in 1995, and R22 was in 2011,” Brendon explains.

In modern air conditioners, we use a safe refrigerant called R-410A. But even though it’s much safer and more efficient now, refrigerant still isn’t great for the environment if it isn’t contained inside the AC system. “That’s why it has to be disposed of properly,” says Brendon.

Part of Our Commitment to the Environment

“Every time we remove an air conditioner, we properly collect the refrigerant and pay to have it reclaimed,” Brendon explains. “It’s essential to help care for the ozone layer. Then we take the old air conditioner to a metal recycling facility so that everything that can be reused is reused. It’s no good to anyone if it justs rusts away in a landfill.”

For Brendon, the commitment to the environment is a personal one. “I am always outdoors – hiking, boating, and fishing. In fact, part of the reason I started in heating and cooling was the amount of time you spend outside. Most people don’t know this, but as a technician you’re working in a lot of rooftops and backyards.”

Every year, Brendon and his team participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, sometimes around Brampton’s rivers and marshes, and sometimes along Mississauga’s shorefront. “I’ve spent a lot of time around places like Etobicoke Creek, Hilton Falls, and on our local trails. Every time I see litter it makes me sad and angry. Some people just don’t understand that litter isn’t just ugly, it kills wildlife locally and in our oceans.”

You can learn more about our environmental and community involvement on our About page.

Prevent Refrigerant Leaks: Have Your Air Conditioner Checked by the Experts

Spring is just around the corner (thankfully) and it’s time for your air conditioner to get its yearly tune up. Amongst the many things our technicians check for are refrigerant leaks. These can go unnoticed by homeowners, but are harmful to our environment, and can result in lots of damage to the air conditioner.

Tune ups also ensure air conditioner is working as efficiently as possible, so you save money on your energy bill every month.

Ask for a Tune Up Quote

Brampton Santa Parade

Your 2017 Guide to Christmas Magic in the Peel Region

Once November rolls around, Christmas events starting popping up all over the place. We’ve created this guide to let you know what events you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking for a little holiday magic.

Brampton Board of Trade Santa Claus Parade

Brampton Board of Trade Santa Claus Parade

Date: November 18, 2017
Time: 5 PM
Location: Downtown Brampton

Every year, this parade gets bigger and better as participants try to outshine last year’s floats. The audience keeps growing too, and reached an all-time high of 170,000 people in 2014.

Photo credit: InBrampton

“Best in Canada”

According to an interview with the Brampton Board of Trade Santa Claus Parade media spokesman Ahkil Mooken in 2016, there’s a reason they get well over 100,000 spectators each year.

“A few years ago, we were voted the best community parade in Canada by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. That goes to show you the size and quality of our floats,” Mooken explained.


This parade features:

  • A Family Fun Zone – you’ll have to attend to find out what’s there!
  • Elaborate floats with lights displays, and colourful costumes
  • Santa and his sleigh

“The parade is successful because of the commitment from our volunteers as well as the dedication of the residents who support us,” Mooken added. “The smiles we see on the faces of both children and adults makes it worthwhile to us each year.”

This year’s parade will be no exception, filled with many fantastic floats you’ll want front row seats to see. In fact, we recommend finding a spot along the parade route before 5 PM so that you can see it all!

Santa Claus Parade Route

We also recommend dressing for the appropriate weather, because Santa’s sleigh will arrive come rain or shine.

Have more questions about the Brampton Santa Claus Parade? Visit their FAQs page >

What did Santa Have to Say?

According to St. Nick himself, the Brampton Santa Claus Parade is his favourite. “The smiles lighting up the children’s eyes and faces is what makes this so special,” he told The Brampton Guardian in 2016. “It’s for the children, but parents have fun too…”

We’re sure he feels the same way about the 2017 parade, which sounds like it will be better than ever.

Downtown Brampton Christmas Market

Date: Starts November 17, 2017
Time: Starts 6 PM
Location: Garden Square Brampton

Downtown Brampton BIA
Photo credit: Downtown Brampton BIA

What’s Christmas in Brampton without a market to go to? The Downtown Brampton BIA is putting on the 5th annual Christmas Market, and everyone is invited!

If you can think of it, chances are the Christmas Market will have it. Garden Square will be playing host to food vendors, craft booths, and a donation centre for Brampton Food Bank and Peel regional Police Toys for Tots.


This event includes:

  • The Annual Tree Lighting
  • Letters to Santa – keep an eye out for Brampton Guardian letter carriers to make sure Santa gets your letter!
  • Cookie decorating – anything goes, and it all tastes good.
  • A Mistletoe patio
  • Carriage rides
  • A carousel

Perfect Event for Getting into the Holiday Spirit

It isn’t just the hosts of the event that feel the Christmas magic. “The Christmas market is a great place for me to bring my family, I think it’s getting everyone into the holiday spirit,” said Brampton resident Harpreet Singh about last year’s festivities.

Bigger Than Ever Before

According to the Bramptonist, this year’s market is extending beyond Garden Square to the Daily Times Square in front of the new city hall.

This will serve to make the whole event just that much better. “It’s a magical time of the year to see downtown Brampton all lit up with beautiful decorations and window displays,“ Suzy Godefroy of the Downtown Brampton BIA told the Sheridan Sun in 2016.

So if you’re looking for tons of holiday spirit, downtown Brampton has plenty to go around.

Find out just how big this Christmas market will be

Streetsville Christmas in the Village

Date: November 25 – November 26, 2017
Time: 2PM – 9PM/11AM – 4PM
Location: Streetsville, Mississauga

The Streetsville BIA
Photo credit: Insauga

The Streetsville BIA is ready to dive head first into Christmas if you are! This year will the 2nd annual Christmas in the Village. You’re sure to be dazzled by the sight of Streetsville decked out in its Christmas finest.

A New Holiday Tradition

Christmas in the Village started only last year, and visitors were thrilled with the festive atmosphere.

“My family and I went for the Christmas celebration. The town square was set up beautifully with Santa and vendors all in the town square… it was excellent,” said one reviewer on the popular review site TripAdvisor.


Christmas in the Village will feature:

  • A hospitality lounge, complete with mulled wine and live entertainment
  • A Children’s Tent to keep your kids creatively active
  • Santa’s Village
  • Reindeer Ridge, a prime place for holiday photos
  • Polar Express Train – you have to see it to believe it!

View the entire event schedule >

The Bolton Santa Claus Parade

Date: December 2, 2017
Time: TBA
Location: Highway 50

Bolton Santa Claus Parade
Photo credit: Bolton Kin

This is a parade that keeps getting bigger every year. As the number of colourful, elaborate floats go up, so does the Christmas fun. You’ll want to nab a front row sidewalk so you won’t miss a minute.

The Whole Community Participates

John Stegeman, active member of the Kinsmen Club, says the Santa Parade is a staple event. “I think in this town everyone knows that on the first Saturday of December, Santa will come to see the community of Bolton,” he told the Caledon Enterprise.

The parade is planned over the course of the year, and floats are submitted by businesses, groups, and individuals alike. Then, on the first Saturday of December, thousands of people of all ages line up on Highway 50 to watch, waiting eagerly to catch a glimpse of Santa.

“We’re a growing town but we have small town values and a Santa Parade brings the community together. The kids love it and mom and dad know that once Santa comes, it’s just about time to put the lights and the tree up.”

Don’t Miss These Other Festive Events

There’s so much to do in the Peel region over the holiday season; we don’t want you to miss something!

Lunch with Santa

Date: Recurring
Location: Downey’s Farm Market

This one of a kind event lets you sit down with Santa in a unique and festive environment. Reservations are required.

View event details >

Holiday Open House

Date: November 19 – November 19, 2017
Location: Alton Mill Arts Centre

Looking for local handmade gifts, fine art, and the rarely seen Grinch (who could be persuade to take a photo with you?) Look no further than the Holiday Open House at Alton Mill Arts Centre.

Learn more >

Family Jingle and Mingle

Date: December 9, 2017
Location: International Centre, Mississauga

The quintessential Christmas party, only on a much larger scale. There’s entertainment, great food, and all proceeds are donated to charity.

Light Up the Square

Date: November 25, 2017
Location: Celebration Square, Mississauga

Celebration Square will be lit with festive colours, and we encourage you to grab your skates and join in on the fun.

Learn more >

Explore Peel and All of It’s Christmas Spirit

You don’t have far to go if you’re looking for some Christmas fun in the Peel region. We hope you enjoy the season, and Happy Holidays from the Dr. HVAC family!

Ryan and Brendon Food Drive

Dr HVAC Helps Out with Tony Robbins Food Drive 2016

We’re proud to announce that the Dr HVAC team helped out with the Tony Robbins Thanksgiving Basket Brigade for the fourth year in a row.

This year, Brendon, Ryan, and Danny got up bright and early on Saturday October 8th to be at the Ontario Food Terminal for 6 AM. There, they loaded up over 5 truck loads of food donations and took them to the Streetsville United Church in Mississauga. They also got to see a fantastic sunrise while they were at it.

Tony Robbins Basket Brigade 2016 Volunteers
Dozens of volunteers donated their time, money, and good cheer!

Doing Good and Having Fun

Tony Robbins Basket Brigade 2016
Volunteers sorting food into packages for over 60 Brampton area families.

At the church, dozens of volunteers sorted the food and portioned them out into Thanksgiving dinner packages, including a frozen turkey, potatoes, veggies, and cranberry sauce. There was also plenty of healthy food for more meals in the days following Thanksgiving.

All told, there was enough to provide a real Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings for over 60 needy families!

“It was a real privilege to be able to do our part for the campaign,” said Brendon Aldridge, Dr HVAC owner and chief technician. “I find Tony Robbins personally inspiring, and I was especially moved by his reasons for starting up the campaign.”

Tony Robbins Basket Brigade 2016 Volunteers
Lots of healthy veggies made for nutritious and delicious Thanksgiving dinner packages.

The Basket Brigade is now in its 23rd year. Anthony Robbins is now a successful author and motivational speaker, but as a child his family was poor. When he was 11 years old, a donated Thanksgiving basket from a stranger made a huge impression on him. When he was 18, he started doing the basket brigade even though he only had enough money for 2 baskets. Now he now funds dozens of basket brigade campaigns across North America. You can read more about Tony’s story here or watch a video of him telling the full story here.

An Interview With Brampton Basket Brigade Volunteers

Why Not Join The Fun Next Time?

We had a great time this year as always. It’s a really festive atmosphere, with people joking and talking and sharing stories.

If you’re interested in helping out next year, there are lots of ways to contribute: