Carrier AC Repairs

When your Carrier AC isn’t working properly, there is no reason to worry! Our service technicians are waiting on standby, ready to quickly fix your AC system and bring cool, comfortable air back into your home.

Servicing your AC is our top priority because we understand how tough it can be when central air conditioning units fail, especially on hot, humid days.

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AC Repair Done Right

Dr HVAC expertly repairs Carrier air conditioners throughout the GTA, including the cities of Brampton, Georgetown & Mississauga and surrounding areas.

Having repaired Carrier ACs for decades, we know them inside and out. The Carrier brand is very well respected and has long been known for producing high-quality heating and cooling products. If you have a Carrier AC model that isn’t meeting your cooling needs, reach out to Dr HVAC today.

Dr HVAC can fix any make or model of air conditioner. We’ll get your central air conditioner system back up and running in no time.

It’s not always easy to determine why your air conditioner stops working. Whatever the problem is, we have friendly, licensed experts to help solve your air conditioning issues. We know not everyone speaks “tech speak”, so we explain things in terms you can understand.

We provide air conditioning services in Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Milton, Oakville, Georgetown and more! You can check our service area map to see exact boundaries.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
DR HVAC BBB - Brampton, Georgetown, Hamilton

Last year our air conditioner died in the middle of the heat wave. We called a few companies but Dr HVAC was the company that had a real person answer the phone and were available to help us right away. Their prices were reasonable and we had our new air conditioner installed in a timely manner. I highly recommend Dr HVAC for all HVAC needs.

Keith P.

Carrier air conditioning systems (and heat pumps) are more than just the outdoor unit we’re familiar with. Rather, they depend on numerous components that must function properly, and the performance of your air conditioner will be affected if any part in either the electrical or mechanical system malfunctions.

While you might be able to troubleshoot and replace an air filter or clear a blocked vent on your own, most air conditioning system repair services are best handled by the pros at Dr HVAC.

Trane Central Air Conditioning unit outside installed on someone's property.

Why Is My Carrier AC Not Working?

It might not be an air conditioner issue at all! Be sure to check the settings and replace thermostat batteries before calling for service.

Is your air conditioner freezing up? When ice forms on the evaporator coil, the liquid refrigerant inside the coil cannot do its job; this puts stress on your air conditioner, and it will fail to work properly.

The condition of an air filter will directly impact the performance of an air conditioner. However, the task of changing a dirty air filter is often overlooked.

Airflow is restricted when the vents become blocked by dirt and debris.

Because it is located in the AC unit outside your home, the condenser coil can easily get dirty. If it isn’t kept clean, it takes more energy to keep your home cool, and your energy bills will rise.

Fans are an integral part of any AC system. When the fan in the blower motor slows down or stops spinning, cool air can’t be delivered throughout your home.

Air conditioners depend on refrigerants to operate. If it’s leaking, the system will work harder to keep the home cool, putting undue stress on the system.

Improperly sized air conditioners are inefficient. Undersized ACs can’t cool your home to the desired level, and oversized units cycle on and off constantly, leading to other more serious problems. Learn more about which size of air conditioner is best for your home.

Blown fuses, damaged wires and circuit breaker issues can cause AC units to malfunction and stop working altogether.
Note: Always have a certified repair professional safely handle any electrical problems.

Broken capacitors cannot provide the energy needed for an air conditioning system to start up or continue running.

Replace vs. Repair Carrier Air Conditioner

If you are researching Carrier AC repair, you may also be wondering if now is the time to replace vs. repair your air conditioner. 

Before arranging a service call, consider these questions:

  • How old is my air conditioner?
  • Does my air conditioner break down repeatedly?
  • How much will it cost to repair my Carrier AC?
  • Is my air conditioner energy efficient?
  • Are my utility bills higher than they should be?

Thankfully, many of the Carrier AC repairs Dr HVAC handles in the GTA are cost effective and will return your appliance to full working order.

If, on the other hand, the financial and environmental costs of servicing your existing AC outweigh the expense of installing a new unit, replacement is best. We can help you choose, size and install an efficient air conditioner. Newer, Energy Star certified models with a high SEER rating will significantly reduce your overall cooling energy costs.

How Long Do Carrier AC Units Last?

A Carrier HVAC system is highly reliable, so, with proper care and attention, you can count on your air conditioner to last 10-15 years (20, if you’re lucky).

It’s important to note that routine maintenance is imperative if you want your AC to function perfectly for decades. Dr HVAC’s annual preventative maintenance services will extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. We’ll send a technician to your home to ensure your equipment is operating efficiently and fix any HVAC-related issues before they become more expensive problems. You’ll also receive extensive discounts and priority service calls! Call us at 905-457-4425 to learn more.

I Need Carrier Air Conditioner Repair

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You’re guaranteed to be thrilled by the kind of friendly service that only a local provider like Dr HVAC can provide.

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