When you invest in yearly maintenance, you get a more efficient, safer, and reliable hot water supply.

Instead of worrying about breakdowns, you’ll also get to spend more time on the more important things in life.

Yearly maintenance on your water heater gives back:

  • Efficiency: when your water heater is clean, you’ll get more for your energy dollar.
  • Safety: you’ll ensure there’s no deadly carbon monoxide in your home.
  • Reliability: you’ll avoid most breakdowns and emergency repair costs.
  • Durability: you’ll help your water heater last longer.

Dr HVAC provides comprehensive inspection, cleaning and tune up services for your water heater with a written report. Best of all, we provide a satisfaction guarantee on our maintenance services, just like we do on all our services.

Dr HVAC has always provided great service and terrific options for my home systems. His annual service is a great way to keep our investment in great condition and we have recommended them to family and friends.

Wesley Jackson, Brampton, August 2015
Wesley Jackson, Brampton, August 2015

Dr HVAC’s Certifications

Since 2008 when we first opened our doors, Dr HVAC has worked hard to earn the trust of the people of the Toronto area. Here are some of the third-party organizations with which Dr HVAC is accredited.

So What Happens in Your Maintenance Check?

We give you a water heater that’s as close to brand new as possible with cleaning, checks and adjustments like:

Removing Hard Water Scale

Minerals in our water coat the inside of pipes, reducing heating efficiency.

Checking for Soot Buildup

Combustion byproducts can build up in the vents – that’s a fire hazard.

Flushing Out Sediment Buildup

Our water supply contains fine particles of sand and dust that build up into sludge. Yuck!

Checking Vent for Blockages

This can mean deadly carbon monoxide backflows into your home.

Checking for Signs of Corrosion

When corrosion takes over, parts can fail.
For tanks, it can mean the bottom falls right off.

Checking for Leaks, Large or Small

Once they start, they only get bigger, and can eventually lead to water damage.

Checking the Air Supply and Gas Line

The combustion process requires oxygen and fuel – and the last thing you want is a gas leak.

Inspecting the Burner

Ideally we want to see a nice, steady blue flame.


Get the Service You Deserve

We’re not a huge nation-wide company; we’re a small local team. But that just means we have something to prove – and our customers agree that our standards are second to none.

Our licensed technicians are clean, respectful of you and your home, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. There are never any surprise costs or upsell hassles – we provide full costs upfront and then let you decide.

To make sure every customer is a satisfied customer, we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee: you’ll be happy with our work or we’ll give you a full refund.